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  1. I was, deep inside my heart, expecting you to convert this one ! And you did it
  2. You can check cleareddirect excellent work on the Nexus . It is not updated to the latest FG version but it works well, but no bouncy boobies. You can't complain about the amazing ass movements though vtaw 4 : https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42289 vtaw 5 : https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/44012
  3. Wow I didn't know it went this far ! Good for you that you fixed up your problems mate
  4. You do need The original file, this is only a conversion with meshes/textures but it lacks the scripts folder .
  5. There was a vtaw wardrobe 6 FG 1.75 conversion on the Nexus, I still have it installed,, idk why but I can't find it anymore, maybe its author got banned .
  6. If I remember it right, in MCM you have cheat options, or you can try the second hotkey you assigned for tweaking options, or at last, you can always uninstall MCG, and reinstall it on a clean save. I did it a couple of times when I got some glitches !
  7. Hi mate ! You will have to speak with any npc ( including companions ) using the hotkey you chose in MCM. The dialogue box will then appear and you can clear your infamy points.
  8. I'm having the same issue. Would be much appreciated if someone tells us how to update outfits to the new FG version. I'm sure you have to use Outfit Studio, I've tried to do it by creating whole new projects and conforming sliders using my reference body shape but it didn't work so far. I'm no expert of Outfit Studio unfortunately.
  9. Hello, My personal recommandation, if you like physics with collision enabled is OCBPC. You can find the link below, install all requirements, and if you use bodyslide (which a must have) build your body preset and clothes/armors compatible with your body with no physics enabled, because this mod will take care of that https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39195?tab=description
  10. Yep true, often, the pictures of presets are slightly tweaked through racemenu and that's what I usually do ! And as you know you can make your dream body by adjusting those sliders to your liking
  11. OOOOOHHH shiit ! I feel dumb ... actually I know what is the problem ... I've checked carefuly my MCM settings of my mods, and Sexlab Adventures is the culprit ... I've let all default options, and actually, I had an option when arousal gets higher whenever I cast a spell, and another option which makes spell magnitude reduced by 100% when you reach 100 in arousal ... lol ! I would like to thank you a lot friend but more importantly I would like to sincerely apologise for all the time you wasted trying to resolve my problem ...
  12. Nope I don't have that, XPSME has floating animation but I didn't check it. Yeah I know I've searched thoroughly on forums and no one has my problem ... The only .txt files I have in my skse folder are CBPC's, SOS's, Enginefixes preload (no text inside ...) and some readme texts ...
  13. I deactivated FNISspells.esp. The result is unfortunately the same. I could kill 3 wolves with flame spell (It deals always 8 damage/s FNIS spells installed or not) and then I tried with bandits, first bandit down with flame, but then I got two bandits attacking at the same time and here the bug appears ... and flame spell won't harm any enemy after that, even If I slide down to novice difficulty (I play on expert). I killed them using my iron sword... I used then additemmenu to try to damage a puny wolf with fire ball (adept spell 40 damage), fire rune (50 damage) and fire storm (master spell
  14. Ok ok I think I got the real problem. I tested without ZAZ on a brand new game. And it seems that the problem appears only after a while (just like what I had on my previous saves with ZAZ on), no problem with the first enemies so far, but then, i assume when I deplete all my magicka the first time, and wait for it to get full again the bug appears and I can no longer damage enemies nor heal myself ... So pretty much I think ZAZ/MME are not the culprit.
  15. There is nothing overwritten by MME besides ZAZ. I will try a new game and report later. Thanks again
  16. So I tried uninstalling MME, it got rid of FNIS inconsistencies, still in game the spells won't work. Same for Zaz animations, but in this case it made my game crash whenever I load my save.
  17. FNIS Behavior V7.6 7/5/2020 6:28:09 AM Skyrim SE 64bit: - E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\ (Steam) Skeleton(hkx) female: XPMS2HDT (126 bones) male: XPMS2HDT (126 bones) Patch: "SKELETON Arm Fix" Reading AnimationsByLeito V1.0 ... Reading AnimationsByLeito_Aggressive V1.0 ... Reading AnimationsByLeito_Furniture V1.0 ... Reading Anubs Human V1.0 ... Reading Defeat V5 ... Reading FNISBase V7.6 ... Reading FNISCreatureVersion V7.0 ... Reading FNISSexyMove V7.2 ... Reading FNISSpells V5.0.1 ... Reading milkypack V1.8 ... Readi
  18. Wildcat MCM contains only 1 option related to mp I disabled it, all other options are intended for hp and sp. I disabled Apocalyse.esp but I still have the same problem ... that's weird because when I load my first save with all mod and configs enabled ( my character is inside the alternate start cell : abandonned prison) spells work just fine when I summon hostiles... edit : I've disabled those two mods and the problem persists
  19. Actually I added some high level spells to test and they do no damage as well. High level healing spells won't heal me either ... edit : I don't have Destruction spell rebalanced installed indeed edit 2 : I've just loaded my first save, and I have a weirder bug : enemies won't attack me ... they just ignore me unless I keep damaging them ...
  20. Hello I have a really game breaking bug that annoys me a lot, I used to play a lot on Skyrim LE, and then decided to give SE a try. I've never had this bug on LE... my character is still level 1, and everything is working fine except spells, they consume magicka but have no effects whatsoever... whether it is an attack or defensive spell it won't work ( for example : flame does no damage to enemy, only the burning effect does, healing doesn't heal ... ). Here's my load order, I'm pretty sure it is messed up, and some mod might be the culprit... Thanks in advance for you
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