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  1. I would also say a lot of people like the idea of player character gets enslaved. Their are some really good mods like that imo.
  2. Hiderius


    definitely enjoying this story I started reading in devolution up till now. I started reading your other stories and I like what I see so far in those as well.
  3. Hiderius


    I liked this but I do have a slight problem or two I guess. The first one is gwenie's protectiveness/devotion was too fast when it comes to Nessa and thought it came out of nowhere. Also thought it would have taken several chapters to show the development of it. The other question is what about that falmer we see watching gwenie walk away in oblation. Will that be involved with the two now or is it just a bystander who is watching. Other than that I like it. Also will we be seeing the other nuns again? will they be saved? will gwenie keep her promise of killing the succubus as I th
  4. Hiderius


    yep guess I was confused. Still like the story, pretty good
  5. Hiderius


    I reread Invitation and that falmer in the end with what I am guessing is blood on it's face and then I'm guessing we sort of see it again here in this chapter, watching gwenie walk away. Also probably following her just my guess here, will we be seeing the falmer again in the next chapter. Wonder if it will help Gwenie against Nessa and save the nuns. If it does help will it turn the magic against Nessa and make her exactly how the nuns are right now at the end. Also why didn't Nessa just do to Gwenie on what she did to the nuns? make her exactly like they are now.
  6. Hiderius


    unless I missed it, what happened to the head mistress? where is she now
  7. Hiderius


    interesting so far. So are the other girls still with the falmer
  8. I have been using DFC and Devious Devices 5.1 with no problems at all.
  9. I went back to playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses I remember how much I enjoyed that game and how much I played out of it, what with so many hours and hours. Their is 3 houses/routes technically 4, in one of the routes you can split off from a route to join the 4th route
  10. I am not seeing the "Delivery Quest Refused" LAL start, the only one I see is the enslaved princess LAL start. Unless that is the delivery quest start now
  11. I see on the whore license part where it says "jarl takes less of a cut if the whore is good". What if the jarl doesn't take a cut in exchange that he gets serviced for free or something. I also like the idea of Assignable "guardian" where you don't need a freedom license as long as you have a guardian Edit: Also like the idea of "assignable guardian home"
  12. I read what you wrote in the spoiler and for me I like the ideas you have right now. Course I know they can easily change.
  13. What's the Jarl game I haven't had that one yet I don't think
  14. I have a suggestion if I may and that suggestion is this "a chance of your license/license's getting stolen
  15. Been playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle Earth: Shadow of War. Enjoying the games since I am a fan of lord of the rings and I know they are not canon but still enjoy them
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