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  1. Since I can't vote, my vote would be Valerica. I always thought to myself, why can't I marry the milf Valerica? I bet she would be better than Serana.
  2. That sounds like me with Foundation tv series based off of Isaac Asimov who I'm a huge fan of or Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson's Wheel of Time and the Tv series they are making or Dune. I'm afraid they will destroy it somehow and add unnecessary stuff or remove it. Sorry back on topic may I ask what you didn't like about the first season? Though I did like the cast generally I did not like who they chose for Triss
  3. I really enjoy the witcher series imo they picked the perfect cast for the characters. Henry Cavill is perfect as Geralt and Anya Chalotra as Yennefer is amazing in that role imo. I see some people complain about her as Yennefer and I honestly don't see what's wrong honestly. Freya Allan is pretty good as Ciri as well and any others I missed
  4. A girl like this and wearing the outfit she is wearing especially the extreme high heels she's wearing. I'd make her wear the extreme high heels out in public all the time be it going to grocery store etc
  5. Goth girls are some of my favorites. I've dated a few over the years, they are fun to hang out with and date
  6. Subverse and Last Epoch I playted through what they currently have
  7. This is the problem I have been having to I think, not sure. i say that cause I always fail at pleasing father
  8. I downloaded and used the Sluts Redux cart, isn't that the right one?
  9. the singer Ciara and especially in this outfit
  10. I started Sluts in Solitude and I was given all the required gear minus the tats and the cart for skyrim specical edition
  11. Another movie that I thought/think is underrated that flew under the radar is Doctor Sleep
  12. I will have to take a screen shot when I get home, but I do have a question. I have slavetats installed and the tats that I downloaded from this mod. My character she became a public whore but she doesn't have tattoo's on her. Edit: My character she became a public whore in solitude "in enforced mode" and no tattoo's are equipped on her
  13. thought of an idea a suggestion, as a public whore. You end up being a traveling whore, meaning that you go between all the holds and everything in between. What I mean is their are places in the world that has the hold guards and the citizens of the hold are at and you travel to those offering your services. You would also be required to visit all the imperial and stormcloak camps as well. Though you would need an appropriate outfit and a collar a tattoo to let individuals know who you are and that you are available. You would be forbidden to defend yourself against bandits forsworn etc, so you would need an escort or escorts. They would travel with you and protect you as you work.
  14. just turn off automatic activation and use dialogue
  15. Gods of Egypt 2016, I thought it was pretty good imo. I thought it was under rated and still do and think it flew under the radar. I would have liked to seen a sequel to it.
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