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  1. Female sims showering with ea clothes

    I didn't even know wickedwhims did that! Thank you i'm gonna try wickedwhims without the no Mosaic mod!
  2. Since the update my female sims shower and take baths with fullbody ea outfits. I have the latest version of Wickedwhims and the latest version of the game. I tried taking Everything out and only having wickedwhims and the nomosaic mod, so that i could atually see what they were wearing, and when i did that, they had clothes on and when i took it out the problem disappeared so i'm guessing it's som sort of issue the latest version. Oh and females also keep their clothing when beggining to have sex even though the settings it set to autonomous undressing. It's not a huge problem but i thought i'd report it so it can be fixed if it is in fact something wrong with the mod itself. :)