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  1. Copied/saved my current FOMM install (\GEMM...) to a temporary directory and overlaid your zip file subdirectory contents. On starting up the FOMM/PSMM shortcut on an active modded FONV, all looked normal, nothing lost, no surprises, nothing within FOMM seemed broken (including package manager.) Your new features seemed to work in my brief testing. Seems already useful/releasable based on these improvements alone. (Using FNV4gb and NVSE so I inserted "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\fnv4gb.exe" (including quotes, from my desktop shortcut) into the FOMM Settings panel. PSM
  2. In case you have not yet noticed (and assuming I am looking at the most recent version): crQuestOrgasmScript line 50 is referencing deprecated SexoutSQLVAR.fLustZPlayer crMachoistScript line 10 is referencing deprecated SexoutSQLVAR.fLustZPlayer (twice) It looks like SCR supports or expects SexoutSQVAR.fSexoutLustVersion to be loaded (initialized) with your mod version? Could be useful to mods and patches in adapting to version changes...
  3. (Since you asked for additional input ... ) Looks like SexoutNG now correctly supports masturbation and the Y-key. Probably can remove your patch for male masturbation? (crQuestMainScript, lines 73-79). Wonder if you still need to specify the sex and animation for the other masturbations (lines 260-266)? Dropping that would give more animation variety. With female Courier, in my handful of tests, Cass always GIVES oral sex, yet is asking for sex. Perhaps should be random on who is giving/receiving (or a 69-type animation...)? Apparently determined within the several crNPCLustyAsk/cr
  4. Any chance you can change the global version number for your alpha/beta versions? Currently the stable 5.8 is version 5.8 as are the test versions.
  5. From my end, just about any name would do; but since it is SCR, you seem to have a bit of a naming scheme that has meaning to yourselves and others... Currently the full Courier's lust (base_Lust + bonus_lust) is SexoutSQLVAR.fLustZPlayer My guess is that you and Chase might prefer something similar indicating player specific? Maybe: fBaseLustZPlayer (Or maybe that is what you meant and I am being too literal?) Thanks.
  6. Chase: For those having mods or patches that use SexoutLust, the Courier's base lust value is or could also be important. Of course the base value is the total_lust minus the lust_bonuses. Any chance the Courier's baseLust value could be stored in SCR so that accessing that value would not require a dependency upon SexoutLust.esp as a master?
  7. I may be way off base ... but in testing one of my patches I occasionally got apparent false secondary key-pressed detections. Perhaps caused by random timing of scripts or my heavy finger holding the key down too long? Or the FONV engine just ran too fast (if so, those with a faster computer would experience this more frequently.) Whatever the cause, in such cases SexoutSexkey would fire off an unintended second (duplicate) CIOS to SexoutNG, which SexoutNG dutifully ignored since it was busy with the identical earlier animation request. Still, probably not good sending spurious CIOS to Sexou
  8. Before visiting the forum today I tested sexout beta-63b1 with nearly all other mods disabled (except for MikotoBeauty, DarNifiedUINV, pipboy2500_edisleado, MCM, and my custom race) and started a new character from scratch with a fresh save as a base-testing-save (I suppose it never hurts to have one of those handy.) Of course I obtained the same result as before. I just finished running the same test sequence using that base save against your newer Sexout-2-3-63b2. As I am sure you now expect, all ran well - no 8.1 abort messages; each sex event occurred as expected; Courier did not vani
  9. Problem is SexoutXPM just awards XP points and does not use sexoutng.actor a/b/c nor sexout.male/female nor does it use SexoutBegin. As noted, only 4 lines were changed to test SexoutNGFLGlobalCBSEndS (changing to SexoutNGFLGlobalCBEndFLA etc.) I'll use FNVEdit to extract the actual scripts of the working SexoutNGFLGlobalCBStartS version and the SexoutNGFLGlobalCBEndS test version, then do a differences compare to see if anything unknown slipped in... From your comment I suppose you are saying plugin-A can, for example, modify (step on) sexout.male thereby breaking plugin B's actor.CIO
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