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  1. A good start of her story! : o like the build up and the "inner talk" to herself on her ideas ! Gona be good reading her story!
  2. Woaw... : o awesome chapter! also damn she is self centerd xD and her mind quickly went to pleasure cause of her daughter : o wonder if its hidden love or need for her...or the vampire part..... hmmm awesome work res ❤️ : 3
  3. *sends lots of cheers and hugs* : 3 hypeee !! :D more Gwynolda! and mystery storyyyy 83!!!!
  4. This nightmare is getting more and more intresting : o she hears him all around, she hears her own voice speaking sense, its like the devil and angel sitting on each shoulder, im eager and hype to see what will happen more : 3 and that ending : o them flames jesus : o awesome work Res! the whole place has a earie feel, and just seeing a slightly blurry figure in a doorway....just gives that horror feel : o
  5. First off, holy shit the changes of showing her as a slave in chains, second, FUUUUCK that monster <,< kill it with fire and bugspray! third, nooooo gwyns powers T.T Awesome chapter !!! cant wait for more !!! gjpojgaopsdg
  6. ohhh : o good start not to revealing and not to little to grip : o hype to see where this goes! Also love the black and white layout of it makes it like a old detective movie : 3
  7. first of all.... AWwwww gwyns dreams ❤️ Second....holy fuck third....he is creepy and freaky and just fucking awesome xD i cant wait to see what he actualy cooks up <,< forth, DAMN CLIFFHANGER!!!!! xD jgapsjgdojasgjpsajg Awesome work tho Res!!! cant wait to see what will happen as always and your storys just seem to get better and better : o you add in things perfectly to hook people (me) in !!!!
  8. DUN DUN DUUUUU New enemy appear! and a cliffhanger remains! iogdasgioshdg xD damn et!, awesome work tho Res : o the build up and intro for him, seeing just what i can guess is a minor part of his power and just him being able to spy on gwyn <,< omg....i need to see what happens !!!!!!
  9. Okeeey Gauis has grown above power level 9000!!! OMGGGGG :D! awesomenessssss That pile of "dolls" is worrying tho.... oh god... and the cliffhanger! gjoaspdogjasdgp xD god damn et!!!!! AWESOME work as always Res! cant wait for more and now im damnnnnn hype 8D!
  10. The twist of Gaius face : O awesome work !!!! ❤️ and even more hype for more chapters now ! shit going dooown !!!!! :D!
  11. She looks adorable ❤️ Merry christmas ! ❤️ and a hype for next year 83 : D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. That nightmare cant be easy to wake up from a dream like that and still focus on the tast ahead. Arilith is strong! \o/ and those guards fuuuuuuuuck them with a burning metal poke in their ass!!!! Hope she can help Frea tho : o she seem badass! and as always you leave on a cliffhanger so i want more! xD awesome written as your other storys! keep it up! ! and dont leave me hanging here on the cliffhang xD
  13. Dont you end this on a Cliffhanger! !!! dont let her die! jfasodjgpasdgpo more xD i need to know what will happen ! will she die, will she turn stronger from being close to death (like a sayian from dragon ball 8o ) will she die and never be seen, will gauis save her, will a god save her, podsgpoasjdgosa more! xD
  14. Okey, I love how Gwynolda has gone more and more badass through out the chapters, and just seeing the dream moment and hearing about the blessing she has for now...and then suddenly cut back to her waking up and everything is the same until she channels the powers. I loved it ! and that ending. Something BIG is gona happen i know it and im so damn hype now ! One thing i can say is i want more xD more stuff in the chapters understand that its alot to ask ^^ but they are that good! keep going !
  15. You are a realy good writer ! love how you build up the storys to make something more of them! Gwynolda and Arilith alike ! the added pictures adds in alot of feeling making them important aswell ! Hope you will continue even more on your storys and chapters ! //The loa of cookies
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