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  1. Hey all, back after a short hiatus, will look into continuing converting the exitisitng voices to the new generation and making some new voice packs in the suggestions~
  2. No I previously released an .esp voice patch modifying NPC records. You no longer need it (which you can't download now anyways), you just need my voice pack.
  3. Great, glad it worked. I also have a voice pack for the main Submissive Lola which you can do the same process to.
  4. I'm unsure how to install the project echo files.

    What I've tried:
    Download submissive lola resubmission and extension voice packs, and install with Vortex.

    But alas, no sound in game. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Executaball


      Are you using SE or LE? Also you could move this over to the support thread, would be easier.

  5. Hm... Are you sure you've got the correct voice type name for your custom follower?
  6. Okay, uh, you'd have to 'unzip' the .BSA (maybe with this), then pick out the voice type that you want. Then copy all of the .fuz files within into the custom voice type folder that came with your follower.
  7. Does your follower use a custom voice type? The easiest way might be to copy the voice files (with your follower) into a vanilla Skyrim voice type, then using a tool like https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46620 to change your custom follower's voice type into that vanilla voice type.
  8. Thanks for sharing this. You can also use https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/19556/ to remove the 255 character limit.
  9. Patch for Slaverun Reloaded released on file page to change player voice occurrences to be voiced as FemaleEvenToned.
  10. Okay - since MO2 does not have the manage archive function, you can download the empty ESP zip within the Download button on the file page. Then duplicate and rename to match every .bsa file. This will allow you to load them. Though keep in mind the 255 esp limit.
  11. Does the bsa not work by itself? If using MO1 you can select it for loading. If not, loaded using the included .esp Extracting as loose files will also work but may impact load times.
  12. Also been helping out for adding batch UI pages, optimized csv parsing, and multi-threaded FFMPEG output processing in the next major version of xVASynth. Processing time should be greatly improved (30%-40%) (there will also now be a time estimate). Tested with 300k+ files processed as normal with no more UI lag~ We're also trying to have built-in .lip and .fuz generation within xVASynth, since Nukem9 (author of SSE Creation Kit Fixes and FaceFXWrapper) was able to help with modifying the wrapper for use by third party programs. With any luck this should be able to be multi-threaded as well. (As the current Creation Kit lip gen could very well be the longest part of the synthesis process) (i.e. 300k .lip files in CK currently takes 1-2 days). Though this might take a little bit longer. Edit - Processing speed improvement:
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