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  1. bonjour je tente de télécharger devious desire mais il est introuvable existe t'il encore ou il ne fonctionne plus


  2. the AEP job is not present for men but only women, is that normal?
  3. Hello, i'm a fan of your animations, and i wanted to know where i can download his sims?
  4. Thank you very much that's very kind of you, as soon as I receive the refund, I will re-subscribe to your Patreon immediately. Kindly
  5. Thank you for your sincerity and transparency, no need for a refund, I would do the subscription again on January 1, 2021 to support you.
  6. It's a shame, I just subscribed to your Patreon to support you, and I see what, that I'm going to be starting $ 5 on December 1st when it is November 30th. I find it shameful to charge on the 1st of the month instead of having a monthly subscription from the date of payment. I withdraw my subscription immediately and will request a refund.
  7. Really cool, but how do you put the women on the high platform since there is no access path?
  8. Patricia Pushkin I am very a fan. I removed the vampirism and I modified the character on the face (addition of 2 piercing above the lips made by me), and modified the tattoos (made by me), and put on more sexy outfits to go with the ghotic/rock & sexy character.
  9. Beautiful, can you share a folder with the wallpaper (to set them as Windows wallpaper)
  10. Thank you for the answer, I will look at this and I will tell you again (because more than 2000 CC in my files) EDIT : is ok, it's a mod like you told me who did that, I removed all my CCs except that of your Sims and it works, just have to find which one. Thank you very much for your help and thank you for your great designs.
  11. I have installed the CCs and the trays, but when I go to create a sim, here is how it comes out, not at all like on your photo and creation. What is it from? Chest and buttocks not like you and the sizes are the same. In any case, apart from this concern, very beautiful creations.
  12. le mods est mort

  13. Ce mod est considéré comme obsolète, il est contenu dans son intégralité dans Devious Desires . Veuillez désinstaller Wicked Pets et installer Devious Desires à la place.

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