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  1. I have both these mods but I have only the 69 versions and only get this message when I add barmaids in. Could it be a conflict with those mods somewhere? I do have other mods but I'm pretty sure those (errortrap and xcas) are the only core mods I have.
  2. Oh okay that makes sense. I was confused 😅 I tested it and it does the same error thing as before.
  3. If the game version matches the mod version, how is it not compatible? Am I missing something? I'm honestly confused. I'm using Origin version. If it matters, I did migrate from steam to Origin. Is it a big deal between having a core mod version or not? gameplay.package
  4. I just update my Passion version from to the most recent one, and I'm having an issue with the barmaid service. I have version 1.69.43 of the Sims 3, so I used the matching barmaid service but it keeps giving me this message at launch. I know I matched them and I even redownloaded Passion to be safe, still pops up. I'm apprehensive about pressing continue out of fear of corrupting my game. Am I doing something wrong, need to use one of the lesser versions, or is this something else entirely?
  5. YAY! I thought so and love to see it
  6. Dante and Virgil? Are those DMC references? 🙏🙇‍♂️
  7. Didn't even know you had a tumblr! You just got yourself a new follower 😁
  8. Those are for MACOSX users, if your on windows delete them. They serve no purpose for Windows.
  9. He's so cute! He can rob my trashcans any day! 😆
  10. How'd you do this? Is it just poses or some interaction with the camera?
  11. I really love my Sims 4 version of a Sims 2 favorite of one of mine, Nolan Jr. Edwards. The family black sheep and the first sim I tested Basemental with.
  12. So I found the tumblr of bs4cc but it seems that it's been attacked by a bot and is no longer working. I tried going from other sites but they all link back which means this cc died with the site.
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