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  1. ja das habe ich ja gemacht mein Probhlem ist das ich kein Neues spiel beginnen kann sobal ich das mache stürtzte das game ab bekomme niur eine fehler Meldung Skyrim geht nicht mehr
  2. die meisten mods sind von hier ich hab nur wenige von Nexus alles was mitz sex und Bdsm zu tuhen hat
  3. yes, I also see all of them play skyrim SSe but no one wants to make more precise a guide on how to do the right and accurate Body Slide! With skyrim there are many bodysuits but no one wants to explain in more detail how man builds all this until the end also saves
  4. Serit gestern stürtzt mein Spiel nur noch ab ich habe crash fix alles versucht weis echt nicht mehr weiter darum bitte ich um hilfe
  5. Hello I have a problem and ztwar if I wear clothes then we have the breast bigger and when I pull the clothes back from the breast is back to normal. I wanted to ask you know what mod mods something with the chest and the clothes?
  6. ja das habe ich ja schon dur gemacht ich bin jetzt halt in der brug und jetzt weis ich nicht mehr weiter
  7. this is more work than playing the mod you can not just make a German translation as other languages I think that would go
  8. okay yes I can do that yes if it would give the mod in German language then I would understand it because I speak very little English but German and it is very difficult for me to understand what they say
  9. yes I ask myself in which camp I have to go I ask very much for an answer because I am still in the same place as before I have already written in the forum
  10. That's a good question I wanted to ask synonymous would be nice if it would also be made for Se
  11. hello maybe someone can help me i play the moon for the first time and i really do not know how and where to find the key of Mias castle.
  12. I would like to kill him but I do not come so far, you know I once have a picture with added
  13. because key of Mias Castle I need otherwise I do not come further and I do not know where I get this key you have an idea where I can find this key?
  14. Hi Can someone please tell me where I find this jarl daughter I need the key nähmlich otherwise I can not continue that would be really nice if someone could tell me that
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