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  1. @Kimy, not sure if this is doable or not but would it be possible to add a dedicated struggle option to the Device and Furniture interaction menus? I don’t mean like trying to escape from them with Struggle/Pick/Cut but just something that will trigger the appropriate animation for a second so we can see a tied up and horny Godzilla-Born wriggle around for a bit? Thank you kindly as always.
  2. But but but... you can choke slam Grelod the Kind to death with them. 😋
  3. Are you using Contraptions as a standalone mod or as part of Devious Devices 5? I can’t speak for the standalone but there should be a section in the Devices tab, where you can set how punishing it is, that has a Furniture NPC Action Key selection. That should tell you what button to press to interact with NPCs in and out of furniture. Find which key you’re using, aim your cursor at the NPC and press it, and that should pop up with a menu of options. Best of luck. edit: the standalone version does not have an MCM but it should be the PgUp button according to Kimy.
  4. Whoops, I think I was thinking of the Of Shame line of gear then. It’s been a while since I’ve had one of either so I got them confused.
  5. Pretty sure anything labelled Of Misogyny is a timed restraint that you just have to suffer through until it decides to remove itself. Unless of course you can convince a shopkeeper to remove it. Glad you got it off though.
  6. Oh good lord, that sounds... dangerous. 😋 thank you kindly. Can I just drop it into NMM or do I have to do anything esoteric to install it?
  7. Is there any way to force the inflatable plugs to deflate? I’ve got one right now that the Godzilla-Born simply refuses to stop monkeying with and won’t deflate at all. I’ve tried both the unequip item and remove item console commands but neither will just remove the thing.
  8. Ok is there a way to tell how long that will take or to increase the production amount in the MCM? I kept getting milked for nearly half an hour on my next test run and despite my nipples being at 100% pain and lactacid at zero, it just kept going. I’m also getting the polling message saying the poll is broken but I can’t figure out why. As far as I can tell there shouldn’t be any conflicts aside from maybe the whip and chain inn being where the milking station should be in Riverwood. Thank you kindly by the way.
  9. How long is the basic bound milking machine animations supposed to last? I finally had to cut the milking short after nearly 7 minutes as I was getting bored.
  10. I’m pretty sure I did but I’ll double check next time I’m in white run. Apparently I didn’t somehow as I cannot find any pumps. Ok so apparently the Fancy machines don’t appear in Whiterun but the Basic Bound ones are.
  11. now if a certain dummy had read the mod notes in the mod manager, I’d have known where they were. 🤣 Ok so I just started with MME and have a question. Are there any milking machine locations in the cities or something? Right now I don’t have access to a house, outside of Breezehome, or the campfire mod. Thank you kindly.
  12. @Kimy There’s a bit of an exploit with getting the iron chain suit equipped on you in DCUR. Instead of just saying “you are now encased in heavy chains” or something, it pops up as if you are trying to personally equip it. That allows me to say “carry on” for all the parts and essentially skip the entire trap.
  13. never mind, I just can’t be gagged if I’m going to do it. 😷🤣 Ok stupid question but what do I have to do to trigger the milking machine animation in the test screen? I did it once earlier when I was in the wilderness and can’t seem to remember WTF I did. Thank you kindly.
  14. Ok I seem to have a problem with DCUR on NMM. I’m attempting to uninstall DCUR 9.2 Beta version to install the stable DCUR 9.0 version. However I ended up getting an error message saying “mod was not deactivated” and it wouldn’t delete. Now apparently restarting NMM allowed me to actually uninstall and delete properly this time but does anybody know what went wrong?
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