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    I wish to learn better english, japanese, spanish (all other languages are too difficult for me therefore I never tried on them)

    Anime, visual novels, eroge, hentai, sukebei, futa, enslave, FEMALE ONLY feet and armpits and more...

    One of my favorite games? Nowadays? Senran Kagura Series
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    In real life I'm a bisexual, and really submissive like a pet, I love worship female feet and armpits and I love to beg for them.

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  1. Naked Kagura

    SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal (Steam) modding (good news)

    My hope was to add Renka and Hanabi and Kafuru. But they are not DLCs. Anyway only one week left for the release.
  2. Naked Kagura

    Foot pictures.

  3. Naked Kagura


    Hi there. Feet are the sexiest part of the female body in RL for me , but I love so much anime and manga feet either.
  4. Hola Zak. Los mods están en la primera página de este thread ( el primer post ) y puedes descargarlos. Hi Zak. The mods are on the first page of this thread and you can download them.
  5. Naked Kagura

    (Requests) SG/ZH: School Girl/Zombie Hunter

    Yeah this game! Anyone can add realistic nipples and pussy (something like SKEV) for everyone of those chicks? the costumes (not sure probably are DLCs) to "clean" to make them nude are 3 - Cherry tomatoes & cabbage - Avocados & watermelon - Starfruit & melon Thank you, I look forward to this.
  6. Password for Getuploader should be always kagura
  7. In "settings" you can reach a resolution of 3840x2160 , I think nobody is interested in 21: 9
  8. Anyway, hopefully there is that fix for Daidouji character with no nipples and pussy. ( plcom_skin_H.cat and plcom_skin_L.cat )
  9. Thank you. And can I ask you why your 3K files are so huge more than the "Pink Cafe Pack" in the first page, that it should be a 6K?
  10. Thank you so much, I'll try it as soon as possible. But about my problem with this character?
  11. Thank you so much for your explanation douglasdamm but now I have another problem with the skins now I'm using the "original nude" 6K. Daidouji character haven't no nipples and pussy. How can I solve it?
  12. There's a way to have a Skin Pack like Skin Pack by 687-san PinkCafe but 2K or 4K? I mean something like that but smaller than 300 mb (uncompressed). I know that douglasdamm made a 1K version, but could you remake other versions 2K and 4K? If don't mind. Sorry if I judge a good job but the 1K version seems a bit poor in 1080p as well, ... but my opinion.
  13. In the first post I can't find both of those intro. I see only one compressed file (SKPBS-NewLogoScreensV2) Anyway, everything about SK is "PS4 only" originally but a few months later it should come out on PC too. Until now they have always done like that. Example: peach beach splash was released for "PS4 japan only" on june 2017 and now on PC english translated.
  14. Is there a way to skip the Logo at the beginning "Honey Parade Games"? I know a file to skip "Marvelous" exists, but for that one? Thank you. And another question, can I rename the School Bloomers with 48_00 and use it for Rainbow Bikini C1?
  15. I'm also waiting for that mod. (Nobra/NoPansu/Nobandages , is the same thing) I wish someone will release it soon.