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  1. Fnis seems to dislike the AAprefix abc at line 32 in the FNIS_ArmBinderCombat_list.txt i just deleted the line, and fnis patches. dunno if its actually using the anim
  2. Care to share where u got that hair ? Keeping it to yourself can't be fair.
  3. I was just wondering what part of the hdtvagina.xml corresponds to how far it opens. I want to edit it to greatly reduce the width it opens. ( I've remodeled it and made it HUGE, but sadly its now a vast yawning chasm, and looks like someones thrown a chipolata down the dartford tunnel) However, upon briefly opening the xml file, its a huge list of un-commented Data, and I have no idea what any of it does. Is there any documentation for the HDTVagina.xml file ? like, specifically which bit controls fanny opening wideness. ta
  4. I too had this problem, I think I posted about it a while ago in this thread. Don't use the furo tub that the quest marker is over, instead use one of the other ones on the lower level. I've no idea what it is that's going wrong, its a quite unique and remarkable bug that Ive never seen before in all my many thousands of hours bashing away at mods.
  5. I really wish I knew enough to help you out. Best of luck. ( I'm helping by bumping the tread, so someone else useful might read it and help you out)
  6. OK, I found a workaround, I just used a different Furotub from the one in the alcove with the quest marker on it. That seems to correctly teleport my Pc to the next stage. I shall crack on with exploring your lovecraftian perversiganda. Good work by the way, great fun. Could probably do with polishing up the dialogue.
  7. I'm getting stuck at stage 90/95 when my pc is set back to the breeding priestess. Upon using the furotub, loading screen goes to blackscreen and .. nothing, no keys work, and I need to CAD and end TesV.exe. Tis odd. What is supposed to happen ?
  8. hey, quick question, is there a bodyslide for dixiepigs tentacle armor ?
  9. ok so, I started a new game , and hey presto, nice wheel menu, so , the problems were from me attempting to continue existing saves.
  10. well, mariadefaults.json file in the \skse\plugins\StorageUtilData seems to refer to which keys are assigned to do what, as mentioned in a post above us. But what bit of script links pressing key 267/268 to the UI extension which, presumably holds the rest of the animations ? Is it called "UI wheelmenu" ? Hrrm. I'm going to poke at things with my mouse. I can't see any scripts that obviously refer to pressing keys to call UI wheelmenu's, but quite a few have names which don't immediately indicate their use. I just want to know how the wheelmenu is called, then perhaps we can trace it
  11. Oh, Ive Re-bound the keys, a number of times. Action makes me strip, and pose makes me Knee, but no menu to select anything comes up. So for instance when My pc is told to lie down, I can only kneel, and that circular menu for selecting actions I see in the screenshot does not appear. So I don't have access to all the other actions. Tis irksome Why would that happen ? What could I be missing from my build that enables these UI additions to work. JUst to be clear, my difficulty is that the menus are not appearing. Could someone perhaps just go over exactly what I need to have installed
  12. So, these new radial menus with the pose options on them, How on earth do I go about getting them to come up ? I'm using the newest version of ME, and i belive that there are now just 2 hotkeys ? and when pressed those hotkeys should bring up the radial menus with the options ? is that correct ? Because thats not hapening for me. I have UI extensions installed, and i tested that its working, and it is working with radial containers. I get a radial menu when I press the hotkey. Reassigning the 2 hotkeys from the general tab in the MCM menu does nothing. The options 1-9 were working for
  13. Are you using Physic's enabled hairs ? I was and I was getting CTD's with the whores quest, removed the hairs, and lo and behold ctd's go away. I think its a case of papyrus becoming massively overloaded with all these fancy mods we use. Skyrims very poorly optimized for hyper threading. I'm suffering from many difficulties with this mod, mostly the quests don't initiate, or when they do they get stuck, scenes don't complete. I assume its because I have 340 mods running, because I'm greedy.
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