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  1. Fuck !!!!! I had it but never finished the last update. I deeply regret that Qaxe leave but he is totally right, humans are in a overwhelming percentage very very ungratefull and toxic shit.
  2. Looks like the preset from Immersive Wenches. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59072
  3. I read almost all the guides to edit a Skyrim nif file in blender but after several (many many) tries along the years realized that I am an idiot and that I need help. Can someone guide me in order to be able to edit some nif meshes ??? I am currently struggling with Blender 2.49 and all that crap. I wanna do some silly edits. Someone removed the Steel mask but forgot to remove the hinges from this helmet Helmet2_MA.nif - Nordwar Armor Replacer Also love Meridia's Dawnbreaker but I HATE it's shape, and I wanna to make Akatosh Armor modular or at least remove some parts that were never finished by the original author when the mods sells fell.
  4. It looks awesome, would you mind in share her bodyslide preset so we can fit her dress?
  5. I am working on Alcina, but I have to solve some texture problems.
  6. Legendary Edition. I am trying since yesterday to find out why my game cannot load the plugin, maybe my saves are pretty fucked. I cannot find the reason yet, I am still trying. PD: I am sorry, it was my fault. I have a double .esp due to a recent merge plugin that conflicts with the castle. Now it load without issues, and by the way is super Awesome !!!!
  7. Winter Cove Lillehjem Aevon-Tor Vandfald Cottage Witchwood Pinecliff House Mixwater Retreat
  8. Here is the Remastered edition with UUNP and CBBE BS files plus color variants in a Fomod format. And a link of the packaged version of VOL 1-2-3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XMhmvIxmk4-uCk4bdgPJAyFhzr3TJJYz/view 1342874718_KiraxProjectVindictusVol.1RemasteredLE.rar
  9. It works fine in my game, and I have more than 700 mods, the body does not mather as you can see. The mod itself seems to have no dependencies, you should check if it conflicts with some other mod in yor setup.
  10. I recommed you to combine some armors mods, like The amazing world of bikini armor (that one has lots of different "helmets") with some others like Skympy Unique Armors for example, it will be a task to mix and match. I will be wise to use TES5edit to change the slots of the armor pieces you chose.
  11. Here 😉 Dark Sorceress Lillitha - UUNP - HDT-98619-1-0-1563550714.7z
  12. Version 2.0 is finally 😃 fixed
  13. Version 2.0 is working fine now.
  14. Wow, it looks amazing !!!!! I am happy that she's finally fixed. Thanks for share your pics, awesome. PD: By the way how do you make Serana smile like that?? Great Smile !!! I took me a looong time to model her teeth and mouth to match in a way I like, vanilla's meshes joints sucks.
  15. Guys sorry for taking so long to fix this. New version 3.0 is Uploaded. The problem was that I forget to re path all the meshes. I will fix version 2.
  16. I am working in a new Serana version until I can get CK to work again.
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