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  1. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knows whether if it was possible to convert Sims 4 animations to Sims 3. As the most the animators have moved to TS4 it would be great if a conversion could be done to help keep the Kinky World alive. I've googled but haven't found anything useful so far.
  2. This is reassuring to see. I was thinking of becoming a Patreon but because of lack of public updates wasn't sure if it was worth it. Are there any other Patreons who believe it is worth it?
  3. Really great - cam't wait for more.
  4. Open a brothel, become a pimp, become a drug dealer are the number 1 things I love to do
  5. Do the whores have the woohoo skill? They have to have at least 1 skill point before they can ask a customer for woohoo. To take a kinky selfie you go to the phone > camera > kinky selfie should be an option.
  6. I think when I tried they have to be level 5 in both logic and science - you click discover potion and once they've discovered their first potion they will discover how to make drugs. Hope that works for you.
  7. Cool video - how did you embed the clip into you blog? Thanks
  8. Does anyone remember the way you could check the KW stats for your sims to see all the people they had slept with? Thanks
  9. I don't believe the grope interaction has been completed - in my game it is something that has occurred randomly when my sim is groped by another and some conversational text appears.
  10. I've really enjoyed the blog so far - great work! Thank you for taking the time to produce
  11. Just curious - when you want to play Kinky World - do you need Into the Future - apparently its needed for the dreaming animations but I have never seen these - is there something I'm missing? I really want to play with the minimum packs required so I'm using: -University -Generations (do we need this for Prom?) -Late Night -World Adventures -Into the Future (might remove)
  12. I get this a lot in my game too but I think that's how it suppose to work. Once I get that message, 90% of the time I get another notification they woohoo with themselves or with their partner or perform exhibition (My notification level shows "All"l). So its more of an indication that Kinky activity is about to occur.
  13. Does anybody know what skill level you have to be to make drugs at the chemistry tale - right now my Sim of level 5 on logic. I think in the update you need to have science too but I don't know the skill requirement. Thank you.
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