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  1. Wow haveing same issue only thread discussing it and it has no Reselution Great
  2. To get this mod working,Can someone link the other mods needed, Inteen 4 downloads are all down!
  3. So i have the Animations working but the positioning is wrong and the dick stretches anyone know how to fix?
  4. Some times it wont even notify you of a new babies birth as a man trying to create a full female harem and killing off the men this is a bit of a problem..This is why a Harem ring shhould be created
  5. Some times it takes longer than it says
  6. Heram ring..you give this to the npcs of your choiice and they will only fuck you
  7. Also different skiin colored children are a thing aswell thats prolly a bug
  8. Alright cool just makin sure you know love the mod by the way...Say could we get a Way so I dont come home to find My girl fuckin another dude..say like a ring or something?
  9. so just tried to have sex with a crew member and it split into a naked sprite ready for sex and a sprite ready for battle..Bug?
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