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  1. Could be, I haven't done heavy modding in nv before, though I was trying to be careful with it. I removed twisted minds just in case, to no effect. Load order:
  2. Well the Primm situation worked out, but I managed to dig myself a new grave with Legion's gotta catch them all quest. Basically the first target(Mags) is long dead and the quest fails as I get it. Spawning her back in did nothing. I tried to set different stages but the quest would always fail Edit: Apparently Mags IS still alive even though I introduced her to my chainsaw earlier, now I really have no idea why the quest auto-fails.
  3. Hey, what is this medical scanner I see mentioned? Can't seem to find that in my game. Edit: Nvm, I started a new game and found it, used the console to get the id and added it to my current character.
  4. I made a new save earlier but got the same result. I'll try the teleport once I've fixed something else. Thanks
  5. For some reason everyone in bison steve is hostile to me so I can't talk to Flambe. The 2 convicts on the street are passive but the ones on the rollercoaster are not. I tried this also with a new save, with same results. I tried to disable sexout consequences, but all that did was made me crash upon trying to enter bison steve OR v&v. I did also try disabling all ai and was able to talk with Flambe and complete the quest, but things seemed fucky so I didn't follow through. Any ideas? Load order:
  6. This might be far-fetched, but is your fuz ro duh up to date (along with everything else)? I had a similar problem where scripted dialogue just wouldn't show up and turned out I hadn't updated my fuz in ages.
  7. I've been running this for a long time with mods like sperg, sacrosanct, ultimate combat etc. So far the only annoyance has been with nether's follower framework. It's considering soulpets as followers and doesn't automatically remove them when they die or you send them back, so I need to do that manually.
  8. Can't seem to get this working right now, mcm menu doesn't appear nor does any of the dialogue. I'm using a clean save with all the requirements listed above. Edit: Never mind, I reinstalled the mod and started a new save again, mcm menu works fine now.
  9. How exactly are you supposed to completely uninstall this mod? I can't seem to get rid of the "satisfied beastess" effect, even after reinstalling sexlab aroused. Thanks in advance. Edit: Deleting ImmersiveArousal.esp from the data folder seems to have done the trick.
  10. So, after replacing the facegen data, I can load in to the dens just fine. Couple problems though. 1.After choosing to "whore out" I need to exit and return to the area to activate the dialogue to collect payment, no big deal. 2.No payment is actually collected, which defeats the whole purpose. Am I missing something obvious here? Thanks. Edit: Den in riften works just fine (except I still need to load the area), seems this is just happening in whiterun, I'll report back if I encounter this elsewhere.
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