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  1. I guess I should Merge some of those patches, to ease the loadorder a bit. Edit: I've been messing around a bit with the load order, and removed some mods I didn't really use anyway. It seems that the lagging isn't coming from follow me for sex, as it seems to happen just about anywhere. Perhaps the fact that I uninstalled some mods earlier messed it up... Anyhow, Interesting to see what you come up with, about the missing "follow us" function! Edit #2: I found the source of the lag. It was caused by my Ciceria follower, the moment I disabled her the fps returned to normal. My Karliah follower is still not functioning though. Also, to clarify: She is a custom follower, not the actual vanilla Karliah.
  2. Thanks for your response, I'm glad you'd like to have a go at it! I'm running quite a few mods (I've been following the Ultimate skyrim build (With requiem), and adding SL stuff myself afterwards), 252 active plugins. I'm aware that Ultimate skyrim and Requiem can be tricky to alter without causing huge issues, but so far I have been able to produce a very stable game (at least I think so), with decent FPS. Since my last post, I've also noted that whenever I trigger NPC's or followers with " Follow me/Us for sex", I begin to experience stuttering after a few minutes or so, even after releasing followers. The FPS drops quite noticeably, and this remains until I restart the game (Reload save dosen't solve it). This happens with ANY NPC, not just Karliah. I'm no modder, but it feels like there's some script firing constantly or something, piling up until it starts dragging the FPS down. The mod that add the elves is called "The three legal elves": Modlist + Loadorder: I'd be very impressed indeed if you could find the problem, I imagine it might be quite tricky, with so many mods running... Also, I'm running some ESP's behind Requiem for the indifferent.esp cause some mod authors said it should be like that, or it won't work. Maybe, who knows. It seems fine. PS: I love your mod, and your work!
  3. Hi! I got a problem with a follower not functioning as intentional with this mod. I got The three legal elves follower version installed, and FMFS seems to work just fine with 2 of the elves, but not the third one, Karliah. Whenever I ask one of the elves to follow for sex, and then a random NPC, all the threesome options for FMFS comes up: Sex with another follower, etc. But when I try the same with Karliah, it dosen't: 1. After asking Karliah, then another NPC and talking to Karliah again, the option " Follow us for sex" comes up again, even though I already had her following. 2. The option "Follow me/us for sex" just disappears the second time I talk to Karliah. 3. The mod works fine for everyone else, except Karliah. 4. 1 on 1 sex with Karliah seems to work fine. (edit) 5. The options for threesome events dosen't show up when picking a npc and Karliah. I've gone through the mod with TESEdit, but I can't find anything (I'm not that experienced with TESEdit anyway...). As far as I can tell, she's not tagged as a child. Any ideas what might cause this? I'm at a loss.
  4. I think I've done something wrong, whenever I switch gender on females, the schlong won't show? It works fine for the men though. I've tried re-installing sexlabs, etc, but no go. I've downloaded Schlongs for Skyrim Light SE. Perhaps you have an idea what might be wrong?
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