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  1. I use both of these mods together all the time, there's only one minor inconvenience i've found; body slots. since TAWOBA is a modular armour system you have to fiddle around with the mcm settings for DD, mainly the blocking devices options (ankle cuffs block footwear equip etc.) and the device hider option in the bodyslot page, there was also the revealing armour option in SOS mcm that can conflict with TAWOBA (the slot that the schlong is equipped to can cause an issue with either the tops or bottoms unequiping). Have a play around with the settings and you'll see what I mean. hope this helps
  2. Purple bodies usually mean a missing overlay texture or disabled plugin that applies an overlay. It could be the trauma feature from SL Survival, considering it happens when you take damage. Might wanna check slavetats or any of the other overlay mods you've got installed too. Hope this helps
  3. your load order is what you see when you open your mod manager of choice (i.e vortex, nexus mod manager, MO2 etc.) it's a list of masters and plugin files that you activate / deactivate to use the mods. for instance it looks something like this: 01 Fallout 4.em 02 DLCRobot.esm ------------------------- 12 shut-up-preston.esp 13 toddhowardstatues.esp etc. you can find your loadorder.txt file for fallout 4 in your app data folder- C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Fallout4\ the folders may be hidden, you might have to select the option in file explorer to show hidden files - see screengrab below: just open the .txt file and paste it into this thread as a spoiler. Hope this helps
  4. Hi, There is no FOMOD because these are loose files. you'll have to do a manual install unfortunately All you have to do is; extract the zip files and copy them into your Fallout 3 data folder; eg. "(drive you installed fo3 on):\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 OR (Fallout 3 GOTY)\Data" and overwrite the files when prompted. There are a few notes worth mentioning here; 1) there are different options for how the stats screen in the Pip-Boy is displayed; zipped, unzipped etc, chose ONE, they'll just overwrite each other otherwise. 2) if you are using DARN UI you will need to install this patch: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wXrYcx8MoApQu4BiGGQ1QZf5Caxqfq5k?usp=sharing after the main mod, this makes it so the limbs/limb condition meters aren't misaligned (overwrite when prompted). feel free to ask me if you have anymore questions. hope this helps!
  5. @JBpy Thank you, your suggestion of installing buffout worked! No idea what black magic fuckery installing it did, but there are no more CTD's. thanks again my dude!
  6. Hi, I keep getting CTD's whenever I try to go into the bradberton amphitheatre, this only happens after I've talked to Shank, I've tested all of the interior cells and worldspace changes / roombounds within Nukatown before talking to him and before starting the mod on a different save file, and they all work as intended. I also checked for any mod conflicts in fo4edit for that worldspace and other references but there's nothing that's flagged up. I can't find what's causing these crashes; any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks
  7. Hi they are loose texture files so it's a simple drag and drop. You just go to your FNV data folder e.g. "(Drive you installed FNV on):\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data" - go to textures -> interface -> icons ->pipboyimages -> karma icons, then paste the 4 .dds files, if prompted to overwrite click yes. If you installed the vault girl interface mod the file structure is already set up as shown above; if not just create new folders to match (see screen shot). no need to mess around with the creation kit or fnv edit. Hope this helps
  8. Hi, you might want to check to see if you are using the most recent version of S4CL and any other script heavy mods. this type of error usually occurs when you have updated the base game recently but not any mods. Failing that you could always upload the 'Sims4CommunityLib_Exceptions.txt' file to: https://lastexception.com and let it analyse the file for you. Hope this helps
  9. It sounds like it could be CC from a few creators, but there's one that immediately jumps out at me: Modella has a few skirts in their collection that match your description: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/15649-modellas-boutique, mina skirt I think is the closest? Hope this helps
  10. if you change the shoes to a different slot, like 45 for example then they shouldn't conflict
  11. Yep there is, in FO4Edit if you open the plugin for the mod you use the shoes, pants etc. from, click on the armour sub section and the individual items. you'll see that there is a body slot number assigned to them (slot 33 I think?) anyway this is the main body slot for clothing this determines whether you are classified as naked. You can change it so that the body slot of the pants (or which ever clothing you want) is set to slot 33, this should classify your character as clothed. Hope this helps
  12. Yep I have them saved, Here's a link to the files; I also added my own edits for the karma icons if you are interested https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-VxJ-Eb0tFRWkjYyPFbrEF9N0Wm7RiKH/view?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/15t886FAtvCtICTePE6AnhY02sce6mlTJ/view?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FUDdwMwn7NU4rpHFKUMEgHOVsT6kir-N/view?usp=sharing
  13. My guess is it's a bodyslide issue, since you can still see the bottoms. try building them separate instead of batch building; oh and might be worth checking that 'build morphs' is selected. you don't need to worry about SOS causing issues for your problem, since the issue with SOS is where the bottoms and top can't be equipped at the same time, because the schlong occupies the same body slot as the bottoms, this is fixed by setting the main armour piece i.e the top, to be revealing, this changes the slot the schlong is equipped to. (To quickly explain about the body slots, they are basically the nodes on the skeleton that armour and clothing are attached to, eg. slot 33 is the main slot for armour and clothing, which is what vanilla armours use, so on and so forth). Sorry if this is a bit lengthy, but to reiterate, check bodyslide for the bottoms being built to the same shape as your character's body. Hope this helps
  14. have you had a look in the autonomy section of the sex settings menu?
  15. Hi, You can change the colour and type of pubic hair by two methods; 1) [if wicked whims is installed] the pubic hair growth system in wicked whims (to change this you can click on a mirror and choose the pubic hair option and select dye and style) 2) [tattoos and/or skin details] it is caused by either a skin detail or a tattoo, for example wild guy's female body details has pubic hair options in skin details, (might be worth looking at those tabs in CAS to see if any are applied). Hope this helps
  16. The mod you're looking for is called sex lab survival I think? 🙂
  17. Yes, sims under the player's control can be turned into peeping toms, via interacting with a window during sex acts; But I don't think there is an option to set other NPC sims to be peeping toms.
  18. There should be an option in the WW settings menu to disable the peeping NPC sims 👌
  19. is any one else experiencing a bug with occult sims not being able to swap body parts in the body selector pie menu?
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