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  1. Pretty sure SD+ is 'optional', there are a few paths that result in SD+ slavery but I am fairly sure all the integration with SD+ is done through modevents and should just do nothing if you don't install it.
  2. It is less that Slaverun isn't pointing at DDI and more that when they updated Slaverun for DD 4.x they hardcoaded the version check for the version number at the time. If you are planning to play with Slaverun installed you will want these two files: Edited Version Check script Fix for Slaverun forcing camera and resetting Idle animation.
  3. The Display model mod is an option specifically it is the only mod I can think of that allows you to drop your time arousal stat, which if left unchecked can make it nearly impossible to remain at low arousal for more than a day in game time, The only thing that is really needed there is some consequence for keeping yourself locked in one of those for an extended period of time. Of course there are MCM options that make it increase arousal rather than decrease it but that just makes it unhelpful in this circumstance. There are the shocking piercings, and plugs from DD that you ment
  4. You need both the 0.1.0 assets file for your version of skyrim, and the 0.1.6 main file. The assets file is separate because they are one of the few things that actually has to be build separately for SE and LE.
  5. There are NPCs added to the main cities that sell ingredients (sapphires and black soul gems) I don't know what their stock is like though. Also the main way to get gems is to mine for them, I think sapphires are fairly common from iron ore but I've had modifications to mining for so long that that may be untrue. I've noticed that a few times with other birthing mods, the dropped items can only move so far from where they started before they get moved to the origin of the cell they are in. And in the main overworld cell that happens to be several hundred feet in the air above that Giant
  6. Do you have slaverun installed? if so try this file If not not sure.
  7. IIRC the playable races all get a perk added to them for the Inequality (de)buffs
  8. Did you install the assets? I found when I was testing the mod before grabbing the assets that the gems were invisible and non interactive, the markers just floating where I was standing when the births happened. The second option is as RMCW said invisible NPCs likely one of the player surrogates some mods use to make the player say things.
  9. The whorecruxes are not soulgems, they only look like them for now while the real models for them are being finished, what they are will become more clear once the lore team finishes their work as well. I'm not sure how necessary it was but cant think of an alternative, the reason for the gems being quest aliases is for the quest markers to be able to point to them or the inventory they are in. With the way the whorecruxes are already dynamically assigned to the aliases at the time of their creation, it would probably be reasonably possible to edit existing pregnancy mods to b
  10. Spoiler for the specifics of how the curse currently works from my understanding. Currently the mod is purely detrimental, so the fun comes if you enjoy that, or the limited interactions with NPCs regarding the cruxes. The initial release is mostly proof of concept, core functionality and placeholder dialogues type stuff, and following releases have been bug fixes and refinement of that core functionality thus far. I've had a closer look than most at the plans to come, many of the ideas look promising, the 0.1.x version number is probably a reasonable indication of how much co
  11. I took a look at how CCOR does its tempering editing, and while that solution wouldn't work for being a percentage of the base armour of the item, if all your bikini armours are flagged with a 'Bikini Armour' keyword then you could use the same system to reduce the amount that tempering improves bikini armour pieces. Specifically it uses a perk and modifies the tempering boost you get based on a keyword and the configured settings in the MCM for items with that keyword.
  12. The main issue with tempering armor sets that have more than the default number of slots (Helmet, 'Chest', Gloves, and Boots) is tempering is just a flat increase to armour rating (AR), rather than respecting the initial AR of the pieces in any way. Your entire set could have base 0 armour but if it can be tempered then fully tempered at silly levels will still make it ridiculously powerful armour. While those solutions seem simple at first glance they really aren't unfortunately. The trading and crafting (tempering) windows are quite straightforward. Monoman is already hijacking the
  13. thanks for the heads up, this esp should remove that error, and another small fix or two in the esp. in main download now There has been some talk of adding a womb tat amongst potentially other overlay effects already in RMCW's discord so it isn't out of the question.
  14. DD5 still keeps the dda, ddi and ddx master files separate for backwards compatibility. this means mods that look for the esm should still work, but it also means you don't get to save esp slots.
  15. there is a LE version of SXP that I use and used for the testing of SXP integrations for this mod Here is the nexus page
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