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  1. A small screenshot set with my own take on enchanting hope you enjoy this one. Also I should really start adding dialogues.😄 Bonus shots
  2. Yes I do my screenshots at higher resollution because my screen and GPU support VSR ( Virtual Super Resolution ) and that lets me to sellect higher resolution in game settings than is the base for my screen so I shoot at 2k serollution. Also thank you makes me happy that you like them.
  3. I used PeroPeroArmorPack3 but I edited it slightly in nifscope to remove the loincloth it has
  4. This is just one relly long set I was working on for some time hope you enjoy it. Warning Bestiality! More Bestiality!
  5. Thank you for the feedback i appreciate it 🥰
  6. Thank you I will try some writing as I feel that continuation of this story won't work without dialogue. 😁
  7. Those Ears were sculpted using Race menu.
  8. This is something I wanted to do for a long time even if the quality is not to my liking it is what it is. This set depicts Liari's first transformation in to a werewolf through a ritual preformed by a Forsworn tribe that worships Hircine. Slight warning there is some NSFW contend and slight gore and one decapitation.
  9. I was wondering if there could be a compatibility patch for this wolf mod made by Shocky http://www.mediafire.com/file/1dot4x4ydc5i3s2/TheGreatWhiteWolfVV.7z/file . I would do it my self but sadly I lack the skill for that and dont know what programs I need to use to do it.
  10. Thank you! I am using Snapdragon ENB Knox LUT but the colors depend also a lot on time of day and location.
  11. Im glad you like it but I will have to disappoint you there will be no futa.
  12. Two Dawnguard scouts try to stop Elise from performing a ritual, but little do they know thet they are part of it.
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