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  1. It should be fully compatible with version 3.1.5 as well as any version after 3.0.1, at least for LE. SE conversion of this mod seems to have some weird initialization issues that prevent the mod from configuring on startup and thus no favor changes happen. It needs to be manually disabled and enabled again in MCM to fix that.
  2. Results might be the same, but performance will suffer greatly. I'd recommend changing it to the suggested keyword check. BTW glad to see you back, I'll give the updated version a shot in my next playthrough.
  3. Hmm... looks like it's from version 2.03a of Lozeak's branch of the mod. I used it a while back on my previous save. It's basically it, but as a separate esp. I wanted to keep DF as a conflict winner in case there are more overwrites. Plus I've added a few of my own changes (like putting Stenvar's dialogs in their proper topics). I was trying to do just that. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned a patch in the first place as it's barely a solution, rather a switch from one problem to another. No weird installs here: DF 2.11 from this page and EFF from nexus. Nothing overwriting them either. EDIT: The problem is - you can't dismiss (mercenary!) followers with DF and EFF installed. It was Marcurio in my case, although I'm pretty sure it's the same for all of them. Can't say anything about other followers as I haven't tested them. Didn't know that, thanks. I would still prefer to dismiss them via dialog though.
  4. That patch does not add any new scripts - it simply restores EFF scripts that were replaced by DF. I guess it's not the best solution, but the fact is - it did allow me to dismiss a follower. Unlike your built-in support.
  5. Um... but I wasn't able to dismiss a mercenary follower after fully paying off debt without the patch for EFF. That was on a new save with the latest versions of EFF and DF. I think the curve approach is a bit too confusing and I'd rather see fixed per-level increases that this. Round numbers feel less random. That said, I'm using unleveled daily rate in my game, so as long as I can still have that by removing any sort of scaling it won't change much for me.
  6. Thank you very much! Both for the plugin and directions. Having less random crashes and glitches is always a welcome change.
  7. Lately I've been having a strange problem with NPCs becoming invisible sometimes. So far I've only seen it happening to females, usually after their boobs glitch and get stuck somewhere far away from the body, so I'm guessing this is caused by HDT. Don't remember having that problem before, could it be related to this plugin? I'm using UUNP special.
  8. I'm pretty sure that's how I intended this to work in the first place, just didn't mention it in the description for some reason. Glad you like it!
  9. It's not really incompatibilities, rather a lack of support. Also some mods can mark seemingly consensual scenes as non-consensual which makes things weird. This may be the reason of the strange behavior.
  10. Oh, you meant that. In that case you are right, it doesn't account for possibilities, only for the events once they happen. It seems to be an interesting concept to explore... I'll see if I can make a tutorial then. Well, changing the effect itself won't do anything if it is not used, you'll need to attach the script to the effect that gives stamina from alcohol. And be mindful that it's only used by the alcohol and drugs, otherwise other random food (an maybe not only) items will start giving favor with Sanguine. Creating a new effect is more reliable since you will be able to control what items exactly are included, but it also means it will have to be attached to every item. Which may be easy or not, depending on their count. Oh, changing slots is a mess. You can't just do it in xEdit because the items will be invisible then. In order for it to actually work, you also need to edit the models used by the items in NifScope and change the slot number there as well. I did this for the Realistic Eyeglasses mod so they use the same slot as DD blindfolds. There's a tutorial for that somewhere.
  11. No, this sounds like mostly scripted stuff... I found how Wintersun detects alcohol drinks: It attaches this script to an effect that reduces player's stamina regeneration rate (and is exclusively used by alcohol drinks in vanilla), so any item that doesn't have that effect won't be considered one. To make them work, you'll need to attach this script to a magic effect that is attached to the items. So either just add this script to some of the drug-exclusive effects or make a new magic effect and attach it to every item you think should give favor with Sanguine on consumption. I suggest you don't edit the original files directly, but rather through creating a patch. This will allow you to revert everything easily if things go wrong and will also isolate your changes (this way they will also persist if you update the original mod, although some changes may be necessary to account for the update) I don't know... It depends on who you follow and what SL mods you have installed. Most Daedra, including Hircine, do give you favor for being "vulnerable" (i.e. raped) if other conditions apply. I'll think about the rules for Aedra from that perspective though. Maybe it's appropriate for some to give favor on rape for being a martyr and enduring the suffering.
  12. Maybe you'll do one day. My advice would be learning the basics of TES5Edit. It's a relatively easy and very powerful utility that helps resolving conflicts and even tweaking values in the mods to your liking without any scripting (unless you want to, of course. I never did ). I want the radiant quests myself, but I don't really know how to make any. They are so confusing... Hehe, I like that. I'll likely add an option for Aedra to also punish the player for being raped instead of ignoring it, but can't say when. A smol one. It contains an additional pact for Clavicus and nothing else at the moment. I wrote down an idea to add the option for Nocturnal to dislike all sex, as an indirect SLAV support. But aside from Nocturnal, what other deities could react to DD items and how?... Sanguine would definitely like them and Dibella might do the opposite. Molag Bal would probably care if the player was chained and collared by someone, but I don't imagine him getting angry if the player just puts them on (or ends up in some after opening the wrong chest).
  13. I think I'm good... CACO and iNeed already allow harvesting human meat if I'm ever in need of some, don't think I need this process to be more detailed. You can follow (and gain or lose favor as a result) only one deity at a time, but your favor is usually saved when you switch to another (halved in the latest version instead). I think it's always reset to 0 for Daedra though. All of that is from the original mod and I didn't change anything about it. I'll take a look at how Wintersun does that and if it can be changed. But I'm not actively working on the mod atm, so I wouldn't expect an update soon. iNeed only stores such information internally for it's own use (in FormLists), so no other mod will react to that unless they specifically support iNeed and can read those lists as well.
  14. No idea, never used that mod. Sounds like it would either require a list of food items added by the mod to check what was eaten or attaching a script to all of them to trigger Wintersun favor changes on consumptions. Don't think I can make a good support for a mod I didn't use. I'm not sure if Wintersun originally gives favor for something related to hunterborn or not (there's "slay living in the open", which probably triggers on killing wild animals as well). Maybe there's just no need for additional favor changes if it is already accounted for in some way, it might make getting to devotee too easy. I don't intend to rebalance the mod, just add more possibilities. Vaginal/oral/anal sex with 3-10 people/creatures in 24-48 in-game hours. Doesn't matter if the player is in a receiving position or not, as long as the animation has the required tag. Also a devious mask pact if you enable DD addon. Requires to wear it for a set amount of time. This can be enabled along with Enai's original pacts for more variety, with a customizable chance to get each type. EDIT: forgot that it's possible to get no tag restriction, so any sex with the right partner would count.
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