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  1. You should see if YourFalseHope can help you with this trait.
  2. How about forced cross dressing...like domme forces sub boy to "dress pretty" and makes him wear makeup, and he is super humiliated by it but loves it. Bonus if they go out in public and he can pass as a female.
  3. It looked like some of the buffs weren't showing up when I was playing last week, but then they started showing up again. I don't really know what happened to make them start working again, but I guess it's ok now. Did you find a way to update this mod more, or someone to take these over yet? It would be awesome if these were WW compatible. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I think the latest game patch and update might have broken these traits. Is anyone else having issues with them?
  5. I mean the Bimbo training part. You have Airplane Randy's mod listed for Bimbo training, would it be possible to use another creators channels, and the computer for that as well? Or does it already do that?
  6. Thank you for updating this!!! Question, is there a way you could make the porn part of this work with some of the other porn watching options? I use CinErotique instead of AirplaneRandy these days and CE is very active with new content. Also WW & AEP have porn channels and other porn features as well. Thanks again for the update.
  7. Oh I know and I hope Nisa expands hers. What I meant was a more in-depth set of buffs that were related to specifically sized penis's so when they are assigned with WW they each give a different buff, then depending on what trait the other person has they have certain reactions. I also asked for one for his smaller penis's as well which that's awesome you are working on that one too!! But I like this trait so far. Thanks again for making it! And happy holidays!
  8. Thank you for this! I actually just asked Simdulgence if he could add something like this to his penis's. I think it would be cool if this mod also gave a pain or anxiety buff. Like a girl or guy getting ripped open by a big dick might not be flirty afterwards. Or if they know the guy is huge they might have anxiety about woohooing with them.
  9. Yay thank you! I am so happy you guys were able to update this mod! My game hasn't been the same without them!! Thank you!
  10. I know I can't wait for the latest update to drop on patreon for WP as well as AEP But I really wish your mods were integrated with her's and turbos...cause they just go so great together.
  11. Did Nisa ever reach out to you? She seemed very interested in these traits when I sent her the link to your post a while back and I know she was working on adding a clothing detection system to her mod and maybe that's what is conflicting with your traits...
  12. This usually happens from head replacement CC, if you don't have that in your game then try the 50/50 method until you find the bad mod\cc. Also this topic should probably be in the support section of this site and not here since this area is for downloads.
  13. Yes...WP does, and a very detailed one too. Make sure to scroll down and read the whole description on the mod, the prostitution part is kind of far down on the page, but it completely details the whole prostitution system and how to use it. Make sure you have WW and Basemental's drugs installed for this mod to work properly. I forgot there is also Sacrificial's Hoe It Up Mod too, and I think that one has hookers on the corner in it, (which you can kind of do in WP by setting a prostitution outfit and then having your sim go out with it on) That one is also a prostitution mod and pretty sure it has strippers too.
  14. These are pretty nice too.
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