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  1. The new npc from the mod are shooting laser and have no eyes and I think I don't have and mod related to eyes conditions.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I reinstall both game and MO2 and everything works fine now. I believe it was because of the ini files. Thanks a lot for your help.
  3. There is nothing listed in the Conflicts tab, and yes I have added the exe and dll files into the game folder and the scripts to MO. But the game still show me the overwritten warning and ctd in 3 seconds whenever I start a new game.
  4. Hello all. I recently install MO2 and SSE. The problem is, I have already uninstall all the mods except for FNIS and reinstalled skse64 for several times, yet the skse64 scripts is still overwritten by sth for no reason. The game crashes immediately showing the warning below. Anyone got any idea? Thanks in advance.
  5. I tried all the garottes and yes I do have SKSE and FNIS installed. Also I found that the word "initiating" appear when I active the wheel, when I make npc sit on the garottes, the word "aborting" shows up and nothing happen.
  6. Nothing happened whenever I activate the wheel. (when the furniture is occupied)
  7. First of all, thank you for the great mod. Unfortunately but it does not work for me and I find this on the debug page. Can anyone teach me how to fix it? Thanks.
  8. No, the guard never put the character inside the cage... I have tried several times but still nothing happens.
  9. I tried flooding the cell but nothing happens, the guard just brings the character near the ladder and fire then bring her back to the cell.
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