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  1. I have a problem, read the last hour if someone had a similar problem, maybe overread it. Whenever i try to install 4.00 MO tells me that none of the installer plugins is able to install it, when i try to open it with zip it tells me that the archive is corrupted. It doens't show any files and seems to empty o.O Anyone knows what's up with it? Nevermind, was an error from LL, waited a few hours and it worked again
  2. Wouldn't "Blue Oyster Bar"be a better name?
  3. Thx mate, i like it when my Chars are shining cause they are so "famous"
  4. Because USA don't have the money to buy it. Why i'm taking part in this wasting of time?
  5. Because the Kim Jong UN wants to be the smartest individual there. Why is every one making jokes about Kim Jong Un?
  6. 586 downloads

    This mod removes negative effects and the annoying message when you are a Vampire and stay outside while the sun is shining. The mod is Dawnguard compatible. You will also get rid of the blurring and the notification when leaving a house(cave,...). Installation: 1. download 2. extract to Data folder Uninstall: 1. why? 2. you really want the sun killing you? 3. Ok... just delete the esp When you notice bugs please tell me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dieser Mod beseitigt die negativen Auswirkungen der Sonne für Vampire und ebenso die lästige Nachricht, das euer Vampirblut im Sonnenlicht wallt. Er funktioniert auch mit Dawnguard. Zudem wird der blurring Effekt und die Mitteilung beim verlassen von Häusern(Höhlen,...) entfernt. Installieren: 1. Runterladen 2. Einfach die esp in den Data Ordner ziehen Deinstallieren: 1. Echt jetzt? 2. Bist du ganz sicher? Ich meine... 3: Na gut... einfach die esp löschen Sollten irgendwelche Fehler auftreten teilt mir dies bitte mit.
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