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  1. need new link please, if possible in mediafire, its better for downloading
  2. has some mod for bestiality sex that dont replace the existing animals in skyrim with nude body but only But only those invoked by the mod ?, i search but only find with texture replacer for all and its not safe to play skyrim with all animals with nude body haha
  3. can you upload in other host pls ? i get failed download on ll
  4. im looking for standalone cbbe version of ignis armor, this is for unp > https://game-xl.ru/load/tes-v-skyrim/bronya-i-odezhda-cbbe-unp-7b/6303-bronya-i-oruzhie-bdo-ignis-i-bdo-redmoon.html
  5. http://mod.dysintropi.me/mods/Skyrim/BacksteppoPEDress_C.7z from unpcm to cbbe please
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/22878 for cbbe bodyslide pls
  7. sad my game crash if maria eden addons are activated, i have all pre requeriments
  8. possible to desactivate multiple breats ? its creppy more than 2
  9. i have tested and played before, i test without the last mods i have install after cant make a new game, its ok if i load a save that i have downloaded, lovers priority on last on load order not fix, boss dont work too
  10. when I click on new game appears messages of the mods to configure and such but appears before the creation of the char with the image of the menu still and there crash the game, i have try desactivate just about everything and now not even the messages from mods appears load order
  11. yeah, i have installed .omod that i see here, and i found xeorc4 and 1.6 update, so its okay now,worksm thanks
  12. i have tried load the save but its crash, trying this saves https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42363
  13. ok thanks, is that I had seen a save that needed this mod, I'll give it up, is there any mod that improves mbp's face generation? the face shape is a bit bad, i have mbp and xeosp
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