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  1. first install a mod manager Mod Organizer 2 or vortex from nexus and watch tutorial videos on youtube to understand how to use it then go to loverslab skyrim SE downloads section and the sort it by most views( so that most popular mods will come first) choose which ones you want and download and install them.
  2. I had the problem of infinite loading screens and CTD's a while back the problem was with the memory blocks (the game could not process adding a new block). I fixed the problem by installing ' SSME - Skyrim Startup Memory Editor ' from nexus it solved the problem.( I think SKSE has it inbuilt now but it did not world on my game ). Also i had to manually install the mod. NMM said that the mod was installed but it did not work so i manually installed the mod and the CTD's stopped.
  3. Did you find any solution to the problem? I was having the same issue and could not find a solution
  4. are you still working on the mod? just wondering as there are no posts from you for about a year now
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