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  1. Outfits slots

    you have to use the same slot for every outfit part on armor and armor addon. for ex: body is on slot 33 for: armor <- slot 33 armor addon <- slot 33 pants is on slot 54 for: armor <- slot 54 armor addon <- slot 54 jackett is on slot 55 for: armor <- slot 55 armor addon <- slot 55 and so on, don't check other slots. if the outfit is one piece including the body,pants,jackett (a single nif that have more cloth parts including the body) then check all slots that you want to be replaced with your outfit when eqiped. for ex; slot 33 the body - slot 34,35 the hands - slot 36 torso, etc.
  2. Simple Sex Animations (FO4)

    i did looked at some files and most of them use scripts, i wll check them again when i have time, but i can make the rugs invisible even without alpha channel thats not a problem, but to be visible in workshop mode thats a problem for me. as for the brothel mod my plan for the club in the paradise was something similar with pole dance, lap dance etc. maybe i will finish that someday.
  3. sorry i really don't know what can be the problem, did you installed using modmanager? if yes then do it manually, copy/paste in the corresponding folders.
  4. to add the animation to any object, that's not hard, but to be able to get the positions for all objects/actors that's tricky. the positions of the bed, the positions of the pillow, the positions of actor 1, the positions of actor 2 from the other side etc. and all that without scripts. but i already made some testing for the corner sofa, i added snap points and and it seems that is working like it should work, so this method can be added to other objecs, like bed,pillow,chair, etc. as long as one actor root is not in the way of the second actor when is using the furnitures, if you know what i mean.
  5. that mod use script and i don't know scripting, but to be able to use the bed as a furniture, there is an easier way to do that, just by removing some keywords. but to be able for two actors to use the same bed/object etc. one from one side and one from the other side, and with custom animation, that's a different story. probably the game devs made the animations for the beds with two actors in a different way, which i haven't figured out yet on how they did it.
  6. i will check it out to, to see why the purple windows.
  7. it's not that easy as you think, and i can't explain because you wouldn't understand.
  8. you need to learn more no offence tho, only Crazy has rug version and leito's animations and 4play was made using crazy scripts or based on that script, does Leito's animations has a animation with pillows? and this animations was not made to be associated with mature content. not all content or category is for mature only on this site, and this mod is not for mature content.
  9. your stepping here trying to help and i appreciate that, but those mods are not helping me and those mods are only for retextures , no custom animations.
  10. that mod only adds retextures and duplicates of vanilla beds with vanilla animations.
  11. adding them to furniture miscellaneous it wll be mixed with vanilla furniture. i did tested so the player and NPC use the same bed, but didn't worked, so i have to think to something diferente.
  12. Simple Sex Animations (FO4)

    all blue squares should snap, thats the hole idea of this mod, and yes my plan was to make it visible only in workshop mode, but i guess my brain dosen't go that far
  13. Simple Sex Animations (FO4)

    all files are important. look in : C:\Program Files\Fallout 4\Data\meshes\AnimTextData (overnight if necessary)
  14. Simple Sex Animations (FO4)

    complex for me? yes, but the base of leito's gun version was basesd on crazy's gun animations, and with all that you still have to adjust the npc positions, so no, no gun versions for me, new positions etc. from what i seen so far ? Yes. can't promise anything, but expect better when i do something new Edit: crazy's gun animations is using scripts and from this mod, Leito"s and 4play was borne. so if you know scripting you can do alot.