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  1. I have those patches disabled. Only USLEEP is enabled, but thanks for pointing that out Do you see any issues in my Load Order that can cause CTD on game load?
  2. We all know Load Order is very important in Skyrim to prevent occasional CTD or even when loading old save. There is no one good way to get it done right, but we all have our experience which I want you to share with other people who struggle with issues because of load order. I managed to make my load order very good last time I played Skyrim and I used to do it thanks to guide in this thread (which might be helpful to you too): https://bethesda.net/community/topic/5795/how-to-load-order/2?language=en But later I switched from Mod Organizer to Mod Organizer 2 and lost my load order permanently. Now, after installing some of my mods I struggle again with CTD while loading my save (which was working few days ago) and I need your help and guidance. I am very much concerned that it is because of mistakes in my Load Order, so if anyone of you could check it and give me word of advice what should I change in it to make my saved game be loadable again, I would be more than grateful! Here is my Load Order: Please, HELP ME!
  3. I think this option is not implemented. I also thought about it and it would be great if there was this option available in SLAL. Maybe next update will add it.
  4. I had exactly the same problems with my playthrough. I don't think I made any mistake in installing mod or smthng cause I am quite long time in Skyrim modding. Anyway I uninstalled this mod and waitinig for fixing problems. Shame, cause it started nicely.
  5. There are bodyslide files with this if your scroll down the file list but I've never used it. CT77s set - IMO - is much better and not that different is some regard. Yes, I've been using CT77's set too but after quite time I got bored with it and I'm looking for something different. I've also noticed those files but they're not complete, tehy don't include all meshes for armors and clothes... well I think we will have to wait then.
  6. Is there anywhere full Bodyslide 2 support for that mod? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29827/? By full I mean for whole armor/clothes set. I think I saw one but I cannot find it now.
  7. Is there going to be patch for RS Children mod? I wish there was one.
  8. Does the SexLab Framework has got limits of animations included? I have noticed that while using mods which adds animations to the Framework, and some of them won't register, but I want to be sure.
  9. Well I am lost... I tried everything and cannot get the effect. Maybe I am too stupid for this sh*t. Anyway... is it possible for anyone to help me. I thought I will upload my files like femalebody_0 _1.nif and the other ones. I will tell you what is the direction of my .xml files, and then someone would be so nice and helpful and make this collision for me. Please PM me if there is volunteer. Thank you.
  10. Did someone check if the animations even when they're not showing up in MCM, are working properly?
  11. Has anybody seen this? Looks nice, but has some minor issues... http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59571/?
  12. We really need those in SexLab... they're just brilliant!
  13. Any update incoming? I would really like to see much more dialogue options, and NPC answers. More nasty comments maybe... and as I asked before is it possible to add whistle sound ingame to make it more noticeable? I think we need more expand reactions of NPC on our look. I will patiently wait for update.
  14. When I will see SlaveTats marks on my PC? I had rough sex about 6-9 times and nothing happened... weird. No update of my character body textures. Is it working or am I doing something wrong?
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