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  1. Since these might pass by without notice, I am opting to post them here for reference. Anyway, if you wanted to change the sounds that weapons, items or people make? Well, now you can! Introducing, the SQCB Tools (Python) https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/944?tab=description
  2. One of the DLCs let's you play as one of the female members of the cast....in a MAN's world, in a historically correct setting.
  3. I am a dunce. Ok, for those of you who wanted an animation tutorial straight from these guys? IT'S IN HERE!. Sort of. At 36:03, the Warhorse Studios dev goes over how items interact with animations and then explains some of the rudementaries of the animation in the tool set: It, however, still doesn't teach how to incorporate animations into the thing.
  4. Right, so, after asking around I finally got an answer. To quote someone familiar with what was done in the game: So this: In effect also teaches how to mod animations into the game.
  5. Hey Vinfamy, a "quest" of sorts just occurred to me. To wit, it's you, as the PC, noticing that there is some sexual tension between the your spouse and one of your children....and helping them get together. Mother/son, Mother/daughter, Father/daughter, father/son, whatever. The quest starts with you noticing that there is a strange chemistry going on and then going out of your way to fan the flames. And it ends with them married, with you officially relinquishing your spouse to your child. Basically, it'd be a 2nd person dating sim quest, with your character moving t
  6. Huh This is in Kingdomcome's page about modding. The image shows options and ways the mod tool can use animation.
  7. Another video incoming and still no animation instructions but hope never dies as they say.
  8. Part 6: That might be the case. Still, I am holding out hope since they are still releasing these videos.
  9. New tutorial which I imagine will be useful once they get around out telling us how to animate things.
  10. It has plugins for both 3DS Max and Maya and, apparently, Warhorse Studios personally used MotionBuilder. I think we just have to wait until the tutorials get to that part.
  11. A little bit late, but here you go: Tutorial 3
  12. Right, so, as Warhorse studios is releasing these, I am beginning to think that, rather then clogging up the Kingdom Come threads in other sub-boards, that I might just compile these here as they come. The official Kingdom Come mod tools can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/864?tab=description Now, before starting, it is perhaps better if one knows how to set things up. And as such, here is a tutorial setting up the basic tools before getting on the meaty part of the official tool set by one Mr. The Rich:
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