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  1. Getting an error message in-game that says "felinbed" isn't compatible with 3.14.4.
  2. Why did draconis get removed?
  3. This was the only thing keeping me from going SE. Thank you very much! ♥
  4. Is there any chance you could do Sunhawken's Daedric Chainmail Armor? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68362 This version specifically. The original creator is Sunhawken, but brokentalon made this edit of kuunkulta's CBBE conversion. From what I've gathered, Sunhawken and kuunkulta are recently active (as of yesterday) and brokentalon doesn't appear to be. Would greatly appreciate this if you manage to. Not sure how to convert this on my own.
  5. I still have the Beast HDT from a few updates ago (specifically from June), do I still need this or should I be using the HDT mods you provided on the description page now?
  6. Thank you for the information. Didn't mean to sound too critical if I did, sorry.
  7. If someone were to make a successful port, why only private use? I couldn't share it on this thread or other places for people to find it?
  8. Doesn't seem to sell with the alluring toys vendor. Double checked and there's nothing there. I have this mod installed, both felin and cuter felin from steam, and have tried both felin and cuter felin sexbound patches.
  9. Thank you very much for the help with the wolf thing. I figured I must have installed something or overwritten in a bad spot.
  10. I appear to crash any time I approach a pack of wolves near Riverwood. I've been running the same mod list for about a year and I've only updated this mod and Horny Creatures over time. This is on a new save, of course. When I come near riverwood, it seems like I have about 30 seconds after the wolf spawn before the game crashes.
  11. After reading some posts here, does XPMSE come last in the load order? I don't remember this being written down somewhere.
  12. I see two files here. Am I putting both of these into the mod folder? The pak and the contents of the zip file?
  13. Can also confirm that the new update crashes when near horses. Happening to me around whiterun stables and only when I approach. Also I only use convenient horses and I don't bash patch it.
  14. What is the update procedure when going from 11 4C to 11 4E? (I use Mod Organizer btw) Do I need to delete MNC, save, then reinstall the updated mods? Do I need to make a new save?
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