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  1. The pleasure bot is the fabricator. I just recolored it a little. Therefore, in the game, both the pleasurebot and the fabricator must perform the same functions, including interacting with my animations. Why doesn't it work? I don't know. There may be several reasons. Either the animations themselves are not in your Modes folder. Or the animations are too deep in the folders. Or the pleasure is too deep in the folders. It saddens me very much that I cannot find the reason for this. I check my game after each call. But everything works great for me.
  2. I'll check. There is a possibility that the ID of the object has changed. Then it will not be shown in the game. But if anything, I used a Kodenu flashlight.
  3. Do you have Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack? I'm not sure, but maybe this only works with this extension.
  4. Hi, In this case, I suggest paying attention to my animations as well. And also pay attention to the objects of the respected Kritical. As an example, a few of my animations...
  5. In this case, it is possible that these sims have a value in the gender preference settings that does not suit your sim.
  6. Hi, I looked at your logs and really found a bug in my animation. The "Ass flogging / hand" animation is missing the preferred gender attribute in the code. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I fixed everything. But, unfortunately, the animation update system is such that the fixes will only take effect in the most recent version of the animations. Therefore, I will post the revised version here. And with the next updates, everything will already work. I have not found any other errors. WW_YrSa_FetishMoves_08_Sept_2021_NEW.zip
  7. Hi, Please take a screenshot. I want to see what you mean.
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