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  1. Individual is less than,greater than,or equal to another individual. And that is unique to what is being judged. Sex, race is irrelevant.
  2. Here is a zip with a few(7) newly patched vanilla characters. these nifs are going to want you to have at least have newer hg hairs textures in your texture folder(data/textures or MO/mods/ botox or installed hg hairs or throw the folder in your data) HGBotoxed.7z I know i have Gerdur,Hroki,Eola.MichelLylvieve,MinerSisterKynsgroove(older one)Katla,Safia(RedWave) you can use xedit to look up which nif/dds goes to which toon.
  3. Modifying hair patchers(Chargens) is super easy when you playing with hairs that only consist of hair,HL,femalestraightscalpt. Some HG Hairs and maybe a small few of KS will utilize extra hair pieces after those,which is fine for most/so close to all ,named npcs. I set up my newer HG patcher with a particular hair I'm not crazy about so I changed it. Here is a review of process
  4. It downloads fine for me, dl txt and copy and paste into browser. 100% takes you to MEGA, idk why my brain typed mediafire earlier? Malfunction glitch?
  5. Patching vanilla npcs is done through Botox.esp Botox active(temporarily even in MO)and a chargen present) Patching mods is about the same When I patch an esm, I can't make it active, CK won't let you. You can't change stuff in an esm file in ck. But you can still patch them mother fuckers, regardless if bsa as been packed or unpacked. Loose files win. Does this mean you dont have to make esp's of desired to be patched mods active? Idk,never tried. With the esm's I either tried or did nothing, it just worked, with esp's I still make mod esp active in ck because that's how I always did it. It just works 2 potential hang ups on patching other mods. 1. If an npcs from another mod does not have vanilla hairs(nordhair15)and they have a custom named hair then your borking that npc if you try to generate face data for it in ck, botox only works with vanilla based characters. The other hang up is when mod your trying to patch does not already have face data generated for it, very rare, in this case(at least on my end) botox patcher does nothing for me when mod Im trying to patch does have proper subfolders in meshes and textures for newly generated face data..... maybe a 3rd, the lvl marker npcs need to patched with bandit patcher, they are a dead give away they have "Zero" in count column and,or start with prefix(Enc,(dun)IronbindSalma)
  6. There is so many esp's now? You use MO, in left pane click open botox and move all chargens to optional. If you want to go into ck and patch then move desired patcher to available esps(same location) and then make active in ck desired mod to be patched and make present(only 1 active file)desired patcher. If your in game playing no chargen of botox for that matter should be active in right pane, dont have to be anywhere in right pane when not in ck. New HG Chargen.esp is only for patching npcs. I load up a seperate file this weekend with 10 -15 newer npcs. I would do 21 has I have a new patcher with all 21 nord hairs with newer hg hairs but there is a couple of hairs(nord 21,at least another few) that has no good vanilla npcs assigned with that hair. Some hairs(nord21) has only lvl marker npcs that wont play nice with most newer hg hairs(extra hair parts) and a few hairs have lvl marker npcs again and a few elderly? Maybe 15 newer npcs?
  7. I have a few things I want to finish prior to the big play thorough i'm never going to do. Hopefully/Yeah right this weekend I can get a few nothing mods up for some male player users in addition I'll find a half n hour or 2 and grab some of the newer botoxed vanilla characters I have with newer HG Hairs and upload as separate file here on MY Files page. I still will load some pics and info on modifying patchers, I got the pics on desktop in folder. Got busy yesterday.
  8. Just went into game and tested newer Eola, she has newer HG Hair that is chock full of extra hair parts(10 extra headparts not including main HL)and has HUGE head data nif. Looked good! Also had funny glitch, Eola rapes Male priest. The earrings you see in pic is an extra hair part that could be added to any assigned hair as an extra hair piece
  9. I will take a look Idk? I just downloaded it fine from mediafire.
  10. Been really enjoying this Moby piece
  11. Difference between My Files and Nexus version. It now mostly revolves around extra head piece used by KS/HG that hides the scalpt of the npc using KS/HG hairs, the Hair and Hairline for all KS/HG hair hides most if not all the scalpt by default. On some hairs I feel that extra head piece(femalestraightscalpt?) is needed more than others, on some hairs I feel its not needed at all but most hairs do benefit from it. Some hairs you have look real hard, no big deal on bandits and such but not great on main npcs. The problem with extra hair piece has to do with how it is cheated onto the npcs with BotoxChargen, it's so easy to apply it has to be cheating! Racemenu created followers/npcs dont have this issue. The tradeoff is I botox beautify all vanilla females quicker than someone can make a single npc replacer with racemenu. Facts. The difference is Nexus version did away with that extra hair piece for all NPC's. My Files only did away with extra hair piece on lvl marker npcs.I have yet to see a borked female with MY Files, I couldn't believe any stronger that the extra hair piece glitch only applies to npcs that are spawned through lvl markers, or quest activated(opening intro) Physically placed,named npcs in My Files have that extra hair piece, along with some hairs that had additional hair pieces added, no problems. I also removed the dirt from a bunch of deplorables and improved vanilla facetints on some npcs.
  12. I forgot how to use spoiler tags apparently^ Sub folders are needed when using Chargen's. If you have a mod in LO that did not come with any face data generated(OBIS) then that mod probably doesnt have needed folder or subfolders. Chargen won't know where to send exported face data. Maybe MO only related? For OBIS, you can dl from obis the optional? face data file. but if you didnt you probably wouldnt have needed obis.esp folders in meshes and textures or the needed subfolders.
  13. Quick notes on using Chargen Patchers. It really isn't that hard. The main thing is following a few rules. 1, you dont patch npcs that are not placed in Skyrim with anything other that BanditPatcher I provide( ck gives you a solid hint, its called the count column and you can't miss it when your in the "actors tab" in ck)
  14. I'm going put this on description also. Moving forward, unless I declare some vanilla npcs have been repatched, anything released would be a modified patcher or maybe a new mod that I patch and then shared. I have all the vanilla npcs patched in main "My Botox Files" with good variety of KS hairs alongside some HG Hairs,plus improved VANILLA face tints(removed a lot of dirt from faces). I'm really happy with My Files. The new HG Hair finally got a hold of me so I reworked and renamed a duplicated patcher and loaded it up with newer HG Hairs, by the time I got through the 21 nord hairs I was done, a lot of work. So much work on just the Nord hairs I decided i would upload that new patcher so user could have easier access to applying some NEW HG Hairs. User that are comfortable inside the bowels of the CK monster. Reworking the patchers is not very hard. Some of the HG Hairs have many parts and could create angst for most users but still is fairly easy to do for basic ck users. I just went into Ck and changed out 2 hairs in my newer patcher. I took some pics and I will post a quick how to for modifying chargen patchers alongside some helpful info on general patching.
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