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  1. Hmm, I ran into the black hair bug with the March build, and I got around it by bypassing the hair color calculation and calling the yps-HairColorBaseEvent instead of the HairDyeBaseEvent. It works for me since my plan is to force hair color change to platinum blonde anyways, but ofc the downsides are hard yps dependency and less customization on the player's end.
  2. I think red lips and dark eyeshadows fit well with the bimbo mythos As for the hair bug, it's likely an issue with the racemenu overlays, since yps uses quite a few slots, and that's in addition to the overlays from other tattoos, warpaint, and makeup mods. The settings file: Data\SKSE\Plugins\SKEE64.ini (for Skyrim SE) Data\SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini (for Skyrim LE ) Here are my settings (probably a tad higher than necessary, but it doesn't hurt to over-budget): [Overlays/Body] iNumOverlays=15 [Overlays/Hands]
  3. Hmm, I'm not sure, maybe it has something to do with your values going out of bounds? I didn't actually think the belly node could go up to 17. Try enabling NiO Node Balancing if you are under LE and see what happens. Also, try playing with the breast/belly/etc node sliders under debug, and see if the nodes scale proportionally to the values set. Externally, skeletons and/or other mods can also affect node scaling. If the belly is scaling even though you have it disabled, chances are another mod is the culprit.
  4. Oh no, blocking player orgasm isn't the issue, that can be done with just Sexlab + Aroused. The issue is by default, Sexlab doesn't differentiate between player and npc orgasms, so a quest that tracks NPC orgasm and resets on player orgasm won't work without something like SLSO.
  5. Yeah, I'm testing on SLSO. Not sure how I'll be able to implement the said event without SLSO, but I also don't want to add yet more hard dependencies, so I'm still on the fence.
  6. @Saviorsrd None taken. I realize my addon's not for everyone, hence why I intend to keep it separate from the main mod. @Recoilsuave I thought there's native slif support? At least I remember seeing a whole bunch of references to slif in the fctbodyshape script. SLIF hasn't been maintained or updated in quite some time, so I wouldn't recommend using the compatibility patch provided by that mod.
  7. While the narrative is constructed with MF interactions in mind, I don't plan on putting any gender restrictions in place, so for this particular quest, the counter will go up so long as an npc orgasm event registers. I thought about adding a couple of new NPCs, but It's definitely easier to just use Tris, what with established canon and less work on my end. I also detest working with ck. Also, not zippers xD
  8. Nah... (Spoilers ahead for one of the planned phase 2 events)
  9. @Balgin Heh, the term's used quite frequently in my line of work, so I never thought much of it. Despite my aberrant predilections, I'm a romantic at heart, and Dicken's taken on victorian england's just a bit too grim and depressing for my liking. Besides, I still haven't forgiven him for Moby Dick. 600 something pages and nary a reference to the male genitalia - I've never felt so duped in my life... @DeepBlueFrog Sounds good, thanks. I'll take a look at the updated code. I also sent you a PM with the piercings mesh, if you want to play
  10. Update: I haven't had much time to tinker with Skyrim as of late, what with work and other fiduciary duties. I am, however, still working on phase 2 of the addon, which will be released with the grim surety of Vandals on the path to Rome. Also, a sneak peek of something I've been working on: It always bugged me that none of the body piercing mods seem to support collision, which is pretty important for a physics based body. Since piercings will play a fairly major role in phases 2 & 3 of the addon, I ended up making my own set of smp piercings. Th
  11. @LinksSword The bimbo will already be quite weak by the end of phase 1, and even more so by the end of phase 2, and you can simply ignore phase 3 if you want to keep your character in such a state. While I like the idea of having to rely completely on companions, with the bimbo providing *moral support*, I didn't want one's gameplay experience to be contingent on Skyrim's glitchy companion system - it's just not fun when you have to kill an draugr to complete the quest, but your companion's stuck in the door. Since I prefer stealth, I pretty much never bring a companio
  12. @w234aew v1.01 mostly addressed the clit piercing bug, where the event would continue to fire past day 15. v1.02 was mostly code cleanup, and laying the groundwork for the upcoming phase 2 deployment. I suspect the reason you were having trouble compiling scripts under se is due to se's new file structure. Under LE, the source files are in /script/source, whereas under SE, the source files are in /source/script, and I noticed for many of the converted mods, the authors kept the LE file structure. CK won't compile if it can't find the referenced source f
  13. For phase 2 and 3: There are also some renders of the planned outfits/accessories for p2 if you go back a few pages. I haven't actually had time to touch Skyrim in the past couple of weeks, what with the lockdown more or less lifted and me getting back to my *real* job, so progress will be pretty slow...
  14. Sounds fun. I thought there's a dedicated thread here on LL about SMP LE, but alas, that's the only one I managed to find...
  15. Hmm, a few pages back, another LE user also had issues with the tattoos, he/she did eventually get it to work, and apparently the issue stems from load order. Basically, just for test, load SLH last, start a new game, add bimbo curse via mcm, and test to see if that makes any difference. Also, it would be great if anyone on LE could check whether the SMP earrings work LE HDT-SMP. I have some other SMP accessories in the works, and I rather they don't just work under SE...
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