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  1. Can you repost pistachio swap for common eagle swimsuit? they all got deleted
  2. Is it possible to make the demist.ini file such that when you press F2 to turn off the mod the screen goes back to the vanilla frost screen instead of the semi transparent one with square bikini? Thanks
  3. Can you please add more v4 skin texture options like smaller nipple area & smaller pubic hair? Not all girls look good with the large option
  4. Thank you for the arm fix! there's still a problem when you press Ctrl + Z for the tight variations, it doesn't completely clear the tights around the hip area but instead only shows a lighter color compared to the rest
  5. Sorry I'm not sure how do you change skin while inside the game, for example with Fiona, I pressed "1", "5", "page up" or "page down" but they don't change anything. Do I have to open anything besides the game for it to work?
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