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  1. First, there's a youtube video out there that teaches you the basics of 3dmigoto costume modding, once you learn the basics, you can do anything with CostumeCustomizer tool, there's somebody on deviantart that uploads the xps model of all the SSR costume ever released in this game, you can then use Blender to open that xps model and then, after some intermediate to advanced level manipulations, will be able to create the mod files featuring the costume you want from it (with 3dmigoto blender add-on), depending on the situation, knowledge of python coding and Blender maybe needed to tweak thing
  2. Thank you! is it possible to post the short pubic photoshop layer file alone? (in psd format maybe). I would like to try painting it on some other girls. Thanks.
  3. Great work! so many nice customizations! Many thanks!!!
  4. This thread shows the basics but the real application requires you to know how to hunt & extract texture with 3dmigoto and edit them in Photoshop & then use Blender to reconstruct 3dmigoto compatible ib/vb files to make it into a functional mod skin and possibly know some advanced Python coding in case things become buggy. Lots of research & learning curve, But that instruction video on youtube by Ausgeek/DarkStarSword should be a good start. Or you can read through ausgeek & kurokaze78 post history and understand how the modding scene develop because these two are the greatest
  5. @KanekoVV can you share your ayane.dds skin file again? I couldn't find a Hi-Metal skin with nice M nipple like the one you showed in the preview pics. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi, can you also include the ib vb files of normal nipple from Hi-Metal skins (besides the puffy version) when you press C + 6? Thanks so much for you awesome mod!
  7. Is it possible to clean up the white skin & glass reflection remnant around her eyes? Thanks
  8. @KuroKaze78I have a costume folder with a bunch of extracted texture files in png format, one of them looks like this one, together with a file in xps format. Is it possible to make a CC pack out of them with the CC Mod pack generator? Thanks.
  9. @minazuki can you fix this asari problem? Thanks a lot!
  10. I can't get this color swap mod for the twilight fish SSR to work, it pops up an error about mach priority, not sure what that is, can anyone help?
  11. Can we have M nipple for Kokoro (v3 hi res) please? Thanks. All of the V4 version's nipples are too big and looks way too unnatural. Thanks.
  12. For the Raise the Sail SSR...if I want to include more color option can I just edit the ini somehow? (i'm not familiar with how color mod works) if it's more complicated than that, could you add a wysteria (pastel violet) color for the primary color and pastel yellow & pastel pink for secondary color? Thanks a lot.
  13. @avenger54 I saw people post ingame screenshots with lewd poses that don't look like anything the game has at all, do you know what kind of mod is that?
  14. Can somebody please make a normal nipple version for this White Lace Nude mod? So far this is the only nude mod that does not deform the vagina & ass hole during that Helena's yoga pose, but it's only available in puffy version
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