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    The Sims (1, 2, 3, Medieval & 4) Vocaloid, writing, anime and manga.
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    I'm a Italian fan...a little pervy...perhaps
    I love have funny with the Wicked Whims Mod and...idk

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  1. Do you have a link to the sims 2 T&A Mod?

  2. Hello everyone, I have installed the sex mod Tits and Arse (The Sims 2) everything work...except the ability! Now my sim can't do anything, my sim can't learn anything and a message pop-up appears in my screen...continuously (it's the message when you learn an ability level but che ability never grow) Someone have this mod? Someone can help me?
  3. Hello, I have read the instructions but I don't have understand nothing (It's a little confused and complicated) What files I have to download for the UC and WHERE I have to put them?Sorry but the installation instructions isn't so easy to understand-
  4. Hello! I want to make my sims breast really...decent, but ts4's breast are so eww... so...there is a cc, an accessory (not skintone) that can make this effect? Please not jsims4's cleavage mod...I don't like that accessory
  5. Hello! Sorry for the question, but I'm really idiot in this moment... This mod work with WickedWhims and Basemental Drugs v1.1.4.9? If not...what file I have to download if I have this two version? Sorry but I can't buy from Patreon ;;
  6. Hello everyone...there is cc like this? I'm Italian, I don't know english very well and I don't know what to write for search for cc of this type...
  7. I have the same problem This is my wicked folder, is a new problem for me...
  8. My sims's penis is black now...how I can fix it? I use Wicked default penis, not better body version
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