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  1. I found this: Not fully NSFW what i saw, but at least Anime :P
  2. Sorry to destroy it somewhat for you, but do you know of this mod? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1821967568
  3. If so, why get event notifications about that, before it's even possible to do?
  4. Can this mod create a new spices? As interbreeding is included, that might be a feature, but i can not find it...
  5. May i ask where you found the portrait for the race in the last picture or race rather (Draenei i think).
  6. Hi. Just doing what it says... i have no idea of whats the problem is here, as it seems fine, but anyway... Error at line: 248 column: 3 file: gfx\portraits\portraits\lewd_portraits_shaldorei.txt. Please report this error to the author of the mod: Dadicho's Lewd Xenos. Error message says: Error in gfx\portraits\portraits\lewd_portraits_shaldorei.txt: Ln: 248 Col: 10 (UTF16-Col: 3) } ^ Note: * The column count assumes a tab stop distance of 8 chars. * The error occurred at the end of the input stream. Expecting: closing brace, statement or whitespace Other error messages: The clause opened at ("gfx\\portraits\\portraits\\lewd_portraits_shaldorei.txt", Ln: 143, Col: 19) was not closed. I had quite a few of those errors in conflict solver in irony mod manger.
  7. If the characters look different in the fleet creation screen. Defult replaced portraits is the fungoid s ones.
  8. I can see some similarities... Just add (just an idea) There is some parasites in there too 😀
  9. check: https://github.com/KiameV/rimworld-moremonstergirls/releases/ the textures are there at least,,, Don't forget to thank the guy! 😀 Awesome that he updated it for 1.2
  10. Could someone post a link or something for the latest version that works with these patches... There should be no problem posting links or so to a mod without asking (as you do not change it), just helping someone get an older version of a mod (research proposes perhaps).
  11. I have the same issue. A tip: use "Faction Control" mod to remove the 'nephila garden' type. Then the settlements wont show up. (it is not clickable anyway, if you have it like me. if you still want the guys (girls) in a settlement, use a mod called "Faction blender"to create settlements that can contain a little bit of each of your races. As for me, i world like to remove the nephila race from factions (using faction blender), which wants to have a 'faction type' to know what to exclude. So my question, what should i write there (what is that for nephila race One last thing to the previous poster, if the game gangs for you when you try to enter a base that contains that race. Please wait 5 minutes and it should be loaded somewhere in that time. :)
  12. Our first sex mod already being created 3 days past release. WOW You can defiantly see the popularity growing for these kinds of games. I wonder how long it takes before this game is more popular then The Sims. 😄
  13. Would you please add tags to the post, so it's easier for people to find.
  14. So you mean that you should rename those LOC files that you got when running the .bat and replace the original LOC files in the game localization folder with those? By the way... could you try running the GOG version of the game. I think the localization.exe is broken.
  15. How much of this works for the GOG version of the game? As that version does not support the latest version of say, Sunward Isles...
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