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  1. "Dragons Rising" haven't played "finish" ofc the main quest. Thanks!!
  2. Caden is now an Orc and cannot start mission.
  3. Just want to say Caden your mod is is amazing, keep up the good work👍 and for the people that have been hunting bugs god bless you😀.
  4. Hey FB fellow patreon member, I wanted to ask if your animation packs on patreon works on Mod Organizer? Sorry about me being to novice I recently made the transition to MO. I manage to get the data validation on MO but no animation shown on SLanim. Thank you.

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    2. LusterPurge001


      I'm curious then, will these animations work on NMM then? and thank you for replying.🙂 

    3. decaluka


      all SLAL packs including that one work properly through MO2, as long as it's properly packaged

    4. LusterPurge001


      I don't think there packaged right. I keep getting "Content of <data> does not look valid". I manage to make a  directory "meshes" got "Looks Good" ran FNIS but the animations did not appear in the count. 

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