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  1. Hey, just wanted to ask, are the tags supposed to be complete? I'm having trouble finding certain animations by tag and I'm not sure if it's something I've done wrong or if the tags just haven't been fully sorted out yet. For example if I switch the tag to "Lesbian" with Sexlab Tools only 1 animation shows up. Mind you I haven't tried searching manually since I don't know how to disable the tag with SL Tools, so it could be the animations themselves missing. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't something I'd done and it was a known issue due to the incomplete nature of the pack. This is an awesome idea to have the default animations as SLAL packs. It's too bad SLAL wasn't the standard from the begining. Btw, the main reason I'm interested in removing the default animations is because of a small but annoying bug a friend of mine attributed to Sexlab messing with the idle animations. I'm not sure if you know anything about this, but the follower idle animations for eating and drinking have been broken in my game for the longest time and it was just a couple of nights ago my friend said he had the same problem until he uninstalled Sexlab. Would you happen to have any insight or knowledge on the issue? I'm currently seeking a fix, and removing the default animations didn't seem to do it. It is possible that I have other animations installed through mods such as Defeat and others. Thank you for any insight you have about my two questions. And I'm eager to see the finished mod with all the creature animations and such so I can shift all the default animations over to SLAL.
  2. I'm really wondering what hair mod Mzin used on the khajiit character in screenshots for the Bathing in Skyrim Nexus page. Can anyone help me out? (Warning, some screenshots are NSFW) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60421?tab=images
  3. Anyone know what armor mod this is? Screenshot found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/100306?tab=images
  4. I was going to take your .nif files and just redirect the textures to the vanilla ones by removing the "KK" in the filename. Problem is that a lot of the textures don't seem to have similarly named vanilla equivalents. I'm also struggling to figure out if I've modified the .esp correctly. All I can do with it is add the "Immersive Horses - Vanilla.esp" as a master. Should that be sufficient? Edit: So I only now just realized that the meshes used by Immersive Horses' vanilla version have different indexes than the .nif files in the patch. So I guess it's not a simple matter of changing the textures that the .nif files point to. If I were to use the instructions in the guide you linked would I be able to remove the genitals from your meshes and throw them on the Immersive Horses vanilla mesh without having to modify any .esp? The most confusing part for me is that you used a separate mesh for each breed while Immersive Horses seems to change the textures via the .esp file. Edit2: Just looked over the NifScope part of the guide. I thought it was going to be only about the mesh, my bad. Also I was wrong about the indexes being different. They're just in a different order in the UI which threw me off.
  5. But I take it those could be overcome by making a separate patch, right? I'm assuming you won't mind if I try reverse engineering the current patch to see if I can change the texture paths with nifscope and alter the .esp name in the json and patch. Changing the texture path in nifscope seems easy enough. But I don't really know my way around TES5Edit too well, or esp files in general. I'm just hoping that if I break anything it'll be really evident instead of irreversibly breaking my save without me knowing.
  6. So I just installed Immersive Horses for the first time and had a look at the compatibility patch for it when I noticed the horses had no genitals. Now I'm wondering, is there a particular reason that the vanilla horse textures aren't supported? Is there something wrong with the "Immersive Horses - Vanilla.esp" or is it just too much effort to make an additional patch for the vanilla texture version? I'm also wondering if there's some way I can overwrite the new textures with the vanilla ones without an .esp; That is unless you'd be so kind as to make an additional patch if possible. Would really be appreciated. Or if it's not too challenging a task, but rather tedious instead, advice on how to do it myself would work. Thanks.
  7. Odd, must be the hand mesh then. I'll have to take a look to see if it's present on my game as well.
  8. I've had that issue in the past when using BodySlide. Gotta make sure that the slider for the arms and ankles are at the default value.
  9. As someone who plays as a female Khajiit character I've noticed a bit of an issue. It's my understanding that this mod should have hand collision. However the files "femalehandsargonian_0.nif" and "femalehandsargonian_1.nif" seem to be absent, which I believe are necessary for Argonian and Khajiit hand collisions. Is this something I've messed up, or have you not added these files to the mod yet? I do see the files "malehandsargonian_0.nif" and "malehandsargonian_1.nif" exist in my install.
  10. Is it possibly related to this? ------ Edit: Disregard that last bit, Vortex was disabling the plugins in my load order without my knowledge; So what I was seeing as 'working' and 'not working' was incorrect. Seems now that I can't get MNC v12RC11 to work at all without getting the insta-CTD at launch. What's odd is that RC5, which I'm upgrading from, works fine with all the same mods that RC11 seems to be crashing with. Was anything added since RC5 that would cause mod conflicts that might crash the game at launch like that? Edit 2: So I found the actual cause of the crash once I reinstalled MNC. I had forgotten that I'd modified the .esp file. Wrye Bash complained that the masters were out of order, specifically that Dawnguard and Dragonborn were reversed. So naturally I tried to fix that by editing the masters in Wrye Bash, which once I tried a second time after reinstalling a fresh .esp made my game crash again. So now I know not to mess with the masters on MNC. Idk how much effort it would take for you to fix that as the mod author, but unless you have a reason for them being backwards I'd suggest sorting that out when you have the time. Btw, I see that RC6 had a change to the horse skeleton. Did that prove helpful in eliminating the random CTDs it was causing?
  11. I don't believe I have that installed. I think the problem was more the fact that I always rebuilt the registry and never clicked the "register" option in SLAL. On top of that I hadn't messed around in the MCM menu for several updates. For the longest time I had assumed that the problem was I'd upgraded from the non-SLAL version of MNC v9 to v11 and the upgrade procedure was different for the original non-SLAL version. Everything seems to be working now except for the horse skeleton.hkx Mind sharing how you did it? I'd like to have the skeleton working if you managed to find a fix other than deleting it.
  12. So it seems that the horse skeleton.hkx was causing my crashes after all. Does Crash Fixes still affect it even after being uninstalled? I couldn't make it from Winterhold to Whiterun on horseback without crashing every time. Then I renamed the skeleton.hkx to skeleton.hkx.d and then made the trip 3 times, reloading my save between attempts 1 and 2 then reloading the game between 2 and 3, and had no crashes. I suspect the reason was due to horses spawning in, seeing as how one crash happened right as the horse cart at Whiterun was about to come into view. Also I'm pretty sure I didn't have Crash Fixes installed when the crashing started. Btw I found out the reason the horse BJ animation wasn't showing up, and possibly the reason that I couldn't fuck dragons at all. After rebuilding the SexLab animation registry through SLAL and then registering all the animations everything was showing up as it should. Note to anyone else having issues, be sure to register the animations after rebuilding the registry, as it doesn't seem to do it automatically. Also the "count animations" option can be helpful in determining if anything is wrong.
  13. What happened to the animated horse penis patch with HDT? Is that included in the mod now? I see no mention of it on the download page so I'm not sure if I should remove it or not when I update from 1.10. I'm actually starting to wonder if I should have removed it before I installed 1.10 since I can't remember which version it came with. Is this still an issue? I actually installed Crash Fixes to try to stop an incessant crashing problem while travelling around outdoors, mostly in snowy areas. The crashing started shortly after I switched from NMM to Vortex and updated a handful of mods including HCoS. I didn't realize that Crash Fixes could actually be making things worse. However I don't understand how uninstalling it would bugger up my save since it's only an SKSE plugin. Btw, there's something I've been meaning to ask for a while now. The original non-SLAL version of MNC had a couple of horse blowjob animations as I recall. Were these removed for some reason, or is something broken in my save that's preventing them from showing up?
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