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  1. Can confirm that it's no longer working with SE
  2. Yes! We've needed animations like these for so long!
  3. use shift-enter to modify your gamma/brightness settings in ENB, that often a quick and dirty solution for me, also unchecking SSAO works as well.
  4. I heartily agree with this. Justice for the lesbian sims please~
  5. It's alright brotha, your effort is appreciated!
  6. Hey, I've tested it out myself, and it seems to Work about 90%, all of visuals work as they should at least when forced, which is an improvement over the last attempted fix. The most glaring flaw I've found is that it doesn't seem to be saving the mod settings on game save. And I have to redo all of my sliders and re-tick all of the boxes whenever I load a save.
  7. Welp, i'm two generations in, and all of my male heirs have micro dicks. I started with an Average dick, and my wife had average boobs and a flat ass. So yeah, Micropenis is a serious scourge in this mod. At first it was kinda funny, but now it's just obnoxious.
  8. I was wondering if you'd be willing to include a race of brown elves (from like the desert or jungle or somthing), it can be a bit simpler, maybe have them be a diaspora race following some unknown disaster in their homeland? Have them appear in a manner similar to Jewish characters? I've created some portrait files for them already if you'd be willing
  9. It'll be a while before I can post affirmative results, multi-generations and stuff Btw, do you take requests?
  10. I already use your mod (love it btw), but it doesn't seem to affect the spawn rate (maybe because i'm also using DWToska as well?)
  11. Is there a way to severely limit the spawn rate of micro penis and micro balls? They spawn ALL the time in my recent savegames to the point where they are waaaaaaay more common than even average sized genitalia, and its absolutely preventing whole dynasties from lasting longer than a hundred years. What text file do I need to edit and what is the behavior of the variables, because I absolutely need to change them for myself.
  12. Nothing in that image is from Skyrim, the models, the textures, the characters, none of that is Skyrim.
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