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  1. Thanks for the information, I'll post it on the other board, and I'm glad you like the characters. each takes a long time to complete. 😃 We invite you to visit us on our patreon. We have the free version and the support version.
  2. Gaming Tales Studio Hi every one. Introducing “No one is a hero” an adult action RPG game. It tells the story of Luka through 2 very opposite strange worlds that hide a story of power, love, hate and redemption. We have had put a lot of effort and work into this first demo which we Will update step by step as we grow with your support. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nooneisahero Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W91horB5pPM We hope you enjoy it.
  3. unreal engine 4 sex interaction help. Hi there, excuse me, I’m working on UE$ and right now I’m working with life sim template and complete rpg template. I´m not a programmer but I’m trying to learn, actually I already have most of what I need to do the game. But I still can’t do the “sex interaction part” I don’t see any tutorial of how-to blue print that, how can I trigger from a dialogue a sex scene, and I see a lot of people doing it. But I just can’t find any tutorial. I’m doing more than a porn game. I’m doing a rpg with out censure, looking for a good story but with out limitations. Can any one please, please help me with this. is it hard to do the sex interaction? I have the animations, I have me characters, but I don’t have the sex interaction system. If you guys can help me, I promise you, that I will give a nice game in a near future.
  4. mmm hey there.. im using XEOA4 mod.. to change all npc.. but i have many mods instaled.. so my big problem is that i have conflict with many of then... all give the same error.. black eyes.. can some one healp me? or is there any bether mod to change npc that have no confict? tyvm and sorry abouth my english
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