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  1. Those mods will not be included in the official releases so long as Vinfamy is using Patreon to support the game. Patreon has strict rules against using their platform to fund projects with such 'extreme' kinks involved. A mysterious modder (totally unrelated to Vinfamy) has taken it upon themselves to keep those naughty naughty fetishes alive in LifePlay by keeping a super up to date patch for it on LewdPatcher.
  2. your signature makes me wonder what is on your modlist hehe

  3. I am currently using COSIO, and yeah, it works well. It's a modified version of CBBE, so armor mods for CBBE work just fine with COSIO.
  4. If you go purely found gear, then all you need is food, yeah, but I was figuring making your own gear. You could impose a rule that you couldn't use found armor, because it's not the right size.
  5. Now, would it be crazier to use that, or to go the opposite direction: Never, ever, buy anything from NPCs and rely solely on your own resource gathering and crafting abilities? Especially since when you do that, you level up (thus leveling the game world up as well) without leveling your combat abilities as much. Especially if you also use things like Frostfall and other mods to add realistic environmental hazards and needs, you need to spend so much time outside of towns harvesting resources that you're putting yourself at greater risk.
  6. This would probably be better served in the Fallout 4 (I assume) section, as opposed to here.
  7. About to climb the 7000 steps again, to return the horn of Jerkin' Wandpuller or whatever his name was to a bunch of old geezers on the mountain top. Hope was surprised to learn she was this so-called "Dragonborn", but finds aspects of it useful.. she doesn't let it, or the obligations it comes with, distract her from her own ambitions. Though her goal had been to become famous as a blacksmith, not some mythical hero or some nonsense. At least Lydia and Reyya aren't complaining about the hike. She doesn't particularly like trying to take a horse up that slope. (oh, and for the record
  8. Hope is just using her assets to open a backdoor to Thanehood. (Heh, anal puns. I'm mature.)
  9. Hope is transmuting iron to gold as she works to make enough money to buy a house. She's tired of living in the Bannered Mare, plus, the house for sale in Whiterun is closer to the forge she uses.
  10. Sexlab Adventures also has a lot of 'law' options if you're looking for reasons NOT to run around naked, or just jump a person's bones in broad daylight in the middle of Whiterun. There are separate settings for each city, and laws pertaining to the following: Public nudity Public masturbation Being covered in cum in public Public sex (with multipliers for rape, bestiality, and homosexuality) Also (nonsexual) Spellcasting in public Armed in public Armored in public You control if each is considered a crime at all, and then you can set the bounty, whether it's considered a
  11. In front of the Bannered Mare, Whiterun (I started there with LAL)
  12. After scrapping the last game due to a few too many idiot fuckups with mods. I've started a humble blacksmith. Currently doing honest (really, honest) work to pay for her metal addiction.
  13. I don't find it to always be the most reliable. Mainly what I want is more options for potential outcomes after, which.. basically seems to limit me to Death Alternative, which is what I'm trying to avoid. >.>
  14. I don't think both need to be tags, but I do think one does. I'm also not sure "impregnation" needs to be a tag. While Oviposition makes sense, as it's the act of inserting eggs inside a host body, impregnation and vaginal animations are really not going to be any different from an animation standpoint, so unless there were a mod that specifically looked for the "impregnation" tag to determine whether or not the female receiver got preggers, it wouldn't add anything to animation filtering/tagging.
  15. Relieving some tension in the middle of Blackreach. Hey. A catgirl has needs. >.>
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