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  1. Late better than never, here's a reupload DeadlyReflex 5 - Combat Moves (Ryona).esp Deadly Reflex v5 Ryona(效果加强版).omod
  2. Smells like 5 Thieves oil and wet cat.
  3. Batch generate a line at a time for a trait in the final ini for the npcs; ex hit all the npcs in a previously created 'skooma addicts' list in their addiction line. Maybe use of string bits for generic npcs (likely most bandits and people named skooma fiend have an addiction). Maybe likelihood for adultery/addiction formation for additional trait modifiers.
  4. Really rich fatty chocolate, maybe like truffles.
  5. Crunchy lightly steamed broccoli with salt
  6. Smells like beer and ajax
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