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    music i love music, music is my life and cant life with out it.
    making music on my piano or violin. its nice and relaxing.
    games, i mean come one, games are awesome right? ^^
    cocktails nice sweet and fruity. i love sweet and fruity things. ^^
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  1. i looks allot like my skyrim. maybe i have to clean up my skyrim a little bit and just reorganize it. if have like 255 mods installed all the time and i think i did fuck some thing up when i was installing and uninstall mods to many time. big change that that can have something to do with it. that's twice more than me... no more ram? so what? windows whine the ram is full at 6.6 gb because there's 2 gb reserved for skyrim.exe don't remember how to mess with that and you waste much more fps for nothing than me
  2. i got a 5 your old laptop and it only have a 16GB ram with the speed around the 2.600 but i'm building a new PC now. so if the game dont get CTD on my new PC than i know that my laptop is outdated hardwire. at the end of the weak my PC is ready so i can not wait to try it out on that beast. there's a reason if there are tools to optimise textures some npc mods use those textures you are also wasting a lot of ram loading the same textures more than once in your ram (there's other mods that do the same by putting another mod files in another path)
  3. i think i need to find a way to make my game more stable. i dont know really how but i think i will find a way. I don't think CTD's are all due to specs, as I mentioned before, my surface book, which is much less powerful than my gaming laptop, runs the game much more stably.
  4. that is good to know. because i try to play the trapt in ruber quest and many location i wont be able to enter because CTD will happen. or just in a simple building when i,m about to complete the quest i get CTD. but when i delete trap in tuber mod than most of the things in the game wil work much better. and finding out what i causing those CTD in that mod was not something i know how to fix. you can't ctd because of scripts... some were able to get 100 gb papyrus logs in the technical section that mess, it's just that kind of surprises you got quest x for the civil war yo
  5. is a powerful PC also not a very important part to avoid CTD? i mean, i have allot of CTD's but i think that is maybe because my laptop can not handle all those have scripting some time,s
  6. wait what,,? you can change the speed? awesome! TY so much! I believe you need this mod http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14884/? if you already have it there is a ini file that allows you to change speed of text.
  7. wow,, that is allot of cheese. i would love to try to kill a NPC with it. murder cheese. Tons of cheese in Whiterun? Love it. This version of the game looks have potentials. you don't need sse to do that
  8. nice mod but for some reason the dialogue is going way to fast. some times i don't get the change to read it so fast. someone know how to fix that?
  9. wow,, allot of Devious mods in list O_O! i know that there were allot of them but not that many.
  10. maybe i install skyrim and the special edition. i just go play both of them i think A lot of mods are already ported for Special Edition. A few that haven't been ported to specifically work, still work anyway. SkyUI is an example of one such, though since there is no SKSE for Special Edition at this time, some of the features do not work. Also because of no SKSE there are some mods that do not work because they rely on it for functionality. A lot of authors have been creative in work arounds for the lack of SKSE so some mods are available anyway. You'll get mixed answers as to w
  11. I want Skyrim VR!

    1. White_Lotus


      i was just thinking about skyrim and about VR games.

      now im thinking skyrim VR.

      i can already see my self in VR in skyrim walking with bow and arrow, killing dragons and kicking ass.


      Skyrim VR, i want it so bad!!!

  12. Skyrim in VR,,, that sounds like fun . i wonder how that would looks like and be. i think i would it. going around walking with a sword in first person, killing dragons and kicking ass. i can already picture in when i close my eye's. Skyrim VR! i want it so bad!!
  13. i have seen that happening as well but only with like 3 to 5 NPC's. but dem with all of them yea that must be very annoying. dem that would be creepy if you play it with VR. XD i hope there is a easy fix
  14. i have allot of mods for skyrim. i hope they also work in skyrim special edition. like follower mods and skyUI and allot of other thing. is skyrim special edition it worth it? i already have it from the moment i did buy skyrim for some reason. i did not even pay for the special edition on steam. and i have it for a very long time but did not even knew i hat it XD i have allot of mods for skyrim. i hope they also work in skyrim special edition. like follower mods and skyUI and allot of other thing. is skyrim special edition it worth it? i already have it from the moment i did
  15. Just post on threads you like and "level up" and you will be able to post all the links, friends, and uploads you want. i did hear that you only need 5 to become member. im not sure if that is true but i think i wil find out soon enough. now i just have to look around a little and see were i think it would be fun to start.
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