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  1. removes modfiles.txt so all extra skins are supported
  2. install various mods that add enemies, here is the spawn rate that came by default with the mod SFH.MASH.rar
  3. if you want it to work you have to rename all the sprites one by one (simpler but tiring option) or modify the .atlas files (it is a bit more complex but not so tiring)
  4. If you had a screenshot it would be better, ducches I do not think it is the problem because it does not add enemies, falconer does add but that mod I no longer use it, very apart I only make visual changes, if there are errors it would be the problem of the original author, monster variety It is a heavy mod I understand that it conflicts with other mods but it is very random, in my case I never had any errors; maybe the error is some other mod you have
  5. https://www.patreon.com/GhastRiv antiquarian.rar
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/darkestdungeon/users/79892533?tab=user+files download the original mod (replacer version), and check if in your list of mods there are no conflicts with any mod
  7. false positive, inside I have left .exe files; but I use them to solve a problem that occurs when I export from photoshop in .png and the game shows white boxes I have always used these files, they are not harmful. I also mentioned this some comments back -_- , and I still don't force anyone to use my files. So I hope I don't see any more comments of this type in my post.
  8. try to create a new sprite is as simple as copy and paste, in my case I use photoshop; Here is an example I did it to replace an enemy you can use atlas and skel for your jester (rename) (I renamed them manually and have never had any errors) anim.rar
  9. If it is the same model, yes, just drag and replace, but they are still incomplete since sprites are missing to retexturize (idle, walk, .....); and no I won't
  10. I did it for me a long time ago brigand.rar
  11. I'm also interested, I don't know if someone can share them with me
  12. with wordpad, edit the .atlas files to match; there are 2 .exe that I always leave; drag the .pngs above if you see white squares
  13. I adapted it to my preferences I have many enemy mods, apart some combinations of enemies are difficult to spawn so I increased it, here you have the original spawn values for MVPL, if you want to modify it on your own go to the dungeons folder, it's easy dungeons.rar
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