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  1. Spider Nest 2 (Monster Mod) Replaced already available, get it here:
  2. Hmm, I suppose they should work together, I don't use that mod so I don't know its composition of files, if you don't see my changes I make, try putting my modifications at the top of your mod list
  3. The next mod could be for "Spider Nests 2 (Monster Mod)", at the moment it is in the testing process, I will use the assets of anaertailin, if everything goes well, I suppose I could do the rest of the sprites and enemies. If it's a lot of work, I guess I'll quit ...
  4. sorry i don't use that mod (Lustiest Lair) but i suppose the conflict between both would be minimal since custom files are used
  5. Sexy Fallen Heroes (New Version) already available, get it here:
  6. The next release I will make will be for the Modded Fallen Heroes mod, here a sample of the changes to the enemies, I try to give them a somber appearance so most of the colors will be dark
  7. then subscribe to their patreon: https://www.patreon.com/anaertailin/posts skeleton common (WIP)
  8. I have in mind to make another version for the Harlot class, because of that I eliminated it, you have to wait, I also have plans for the lamia class
  9. CLASS - Marvin Seo´s Falconer (Cute Version) get it here:
  10. I am correcting some things, it will take time to upload it
  11. mmm, I plan to modify the new palettes a little more, at the moment I will not upload it, because I am creating new palettes for the falconer class .... you will have to wait
  12. currently only available version for cove for the rest there is still the possibility to continue but I no longer have the same interest as before to do it, so it will take time
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