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  1. So SexLab Ligt installed on a pure version of the game should work? I have to test it first. Because nothing has been working so far. Later I will try the version with waiting for the mod update.
  2. Ok, only what mods will be the best. SexLab or SL Light or another? Of course, once they are updated and will work. If someone can, I will ask for a small list of mods. I use the mod manager. And I always try to install all the required mods. However, I can make a mistake somewhere or better use the other mod. Thank you for your help. Every advice is appreciated.
  3. So what mods do I need it to work? I do not know exactly what mods give me the possibility of sex, so I tried a few. SKSE Current SE build 2.0.15 (runtime 1.5.73 is working. Ok. Is it necessary to wait for the mods operating under the current SKSE or is there any other solution. And if I have to wait for what mods?
  4. Hello. I do not know if I write in a good department but I need help. I have Skyrim Special Edition installed and I would like to modify it for sex. I've downloaded and installed: XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE, Flower Girls SE, OSex, Follow me for Sex, Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE, SexLabFrameworkSE, and a few required for listed But unfortunately nothing works. I have an option to talk, but it ends there. Zero animation and sounds. Trials to install skse64 but the error pops up. I do not know what and how I should do it to work. That's why I am asking for help, what should I install to have said option fully functional.
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