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  1. anyone having issues getting into the college of winterhold? my game crashes when trying to enter.
  2. so I have been having an issue where my game keeps crashing whenever i try to enter or even find the college of winterhold.
  3. So I have been playing this mod on SE and the only issue I have been having is that my pack will not follow me after I have fondled them. If anyone has had this issue and have fixed it please help.
  4. thank you, but where do i go to learn how to release the captives?
  5. do I need to have a specific skill to free captives from the enchantments without getting zapped?
  6. i have only had this mod in for a short while, but the only time my game has crashed after installing this mod is when I am trying to go into Muatra's human dairy. please help I can not even enter the building without it crashing.
  7. i use vortex, and sometimes YA works properly and when I try to add a mod it makes the skins vanilla.
  8. I am having an issue with my slaves and getting them in the contraptions. when I tell them to get into one of the crosses or on the table they seem to get in it but they are slanted and when I reposition them they do not get in the proper position.
  9. so the body still stays i vanilla without DCL as well as DD how is your load order set up?
  10. hi i am having issues with this mod overriding my custom races skin, how would I fix this issue?
  11. i wonder would there be the possibility to make this mod work with deviously cursed loot? I have both together but when the cursed loot is active the all races show the vanilla bodies.
  12. I am now having issues with my game crashing at hags end any tips?
  13. I have a mod that allows my character to have a horse shlong and I was wondering if there is a mod to fix the texture to make it more realistic with this mod
  14. so I have a mod to allow your character to have a horse shlong and I was wondering if anyone has a mod that would work with this one to make the cock look natural
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