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  1. Yep the voices dont work at all no sounds whatsoever
  2. I really wished Suited in Skyrim became a thing, The premise was such a good idea and seeing the outfit progress with the storyboard seemed so interesting. Glad to see something might come of it years later. You wouldnt happen to have the entire suit done including head, feet, arms, body? because that would be an interesting area that could be added to this mod.
  3. It allows you to have the voices like Extra voices but there are also other voices that come along with the pack that have both oral and voice mixed together and i was wondering if that was part of the Full Voice thing i was talking about. I tested it out a bit and it doesnt seem to work.
  4. I already added the voices to my SL Extra Voices I was asking for the other features i listed i understand the sounds can used interchangeably, I'm mostly interested in the options i listed. Also in the files theres a folder callled SummerMemories thats the one that houses the audio files (end and oral)
  5. Would anyone know how to recreate or have a similar mod for LE? Its a Korean Mod built from Sexlab Extra voices with the added features with (anime styled voices) I'll post the file here for anyone curious and might have an idea. In a sense what it does is Let you Choose a Specific Voice for your Character Chosen voice will be played in Full during Oral/Regular Action Dedicated Files for each Oral exclusive voice playback according to the oral act If you don't choose a voice it'll choose at random each time like normal SE File
  6. My custom body slide is kinda like that I’ll post some pics when I’m home Here i didnt add anything to the stomach but you guys can edit if needed
  7. Random question, Is there anything out there i can add or configure to make slave tats be applied to PC as a punishment, or do i have to keep RP'ing it in my mind by adding it manually haha
  8. would you ever add some sort of Doggy tranformation due to the curse in your story? Kinda like Being a Cow Transforms?
  9. Lmfao I havnt had a chance to try him out yet since the request but damn that’s hilarious!
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