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  1. I would prefer it if by default the AI management key was set as unbound or ESC. I always remap it to a key that won't get in the way during game play, like F7.
  2. The 2 textures are not included in any of the download files nor the non-DD Angeli version also uploaded on LoversLab, I've checked.
  3. It would be nice if the milking status messages showed up without needing to also enable notifications. When milking the notifications become backed up due to there being so many, but I'm only interested in seeing messages about my remaining capacity/milked capacity.
  4. Changing the conditions (including turning it on/off) and probability are all things that could be done just the same from the ESP as a script.
  5. Out of curiosity, since you said you're using MO2, have you tried using MO1 and if so were the results different? You could also try a development version of MO2. I doubt this would give any answers but it could help narrow down the issue.
  6. Currently, the way NPCs randomly comment on the character being a cow is through the script bac_watchdog function emitRandomComment. This function does a bunch of checks to find a suitable nearby NPC to say a fitting comment, randomly chosen, from an array of the topics available inside the ESP plugin. This could be redone to work entirely through the .ESP plugin's Dialog Topic section instead of using scripting. The conditions section of the Dialog Topics would be used instead, meaning script wouldn't be needed as the ESP plugin would use already existing vanilla features. The
  7. Getting some FPS dips when I wear this, so I opened it up in NifSkope. For some reason NifSkope doesn't correctly display the "Line" portion of the dress, instead it shows it as if it's a duplicated layer. However, BodySlide displays the lines fine. Could there be a hidden issue with the meshes or is it a NifSkope problem? NifSkope BodySlide
  8. @WaxenFigure Unfortunately, the link does not work: "We could not locate the item you are trying to view."
  9. Could you add a link to resources and documents detailing the downfalls of the cloaking spell and alternatives to it? Your explanation is a great bit of information that I would love to learn more about (and attempt implementing in anything I do in the future.)
  10. The comment probability section in the bac_watchdog script could (and should) be reworked to be done entirely through the Dialog Topic's Conditions section of the esp rather than being scripted. Considering the amount of dialogue though, this would take some time to change.
  11. POP does not supply skeletons, hell the only meshes that come with it are FaceGen data. None of the requirements for POP ship with skeleton meshes either. Anyone using it should be using XPMSE and has no reason not to be. Coming in and posting the equivalent of "lol my fps tanks" could point to anything and without giving more information than that there's no place to start tracking down the issue. You could always look into the issue for them since you seem to have a clear understanding of it.
  12. Looks like they reuploaded it. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/93076
  13. Some googling shows the author is 'Sleepytigereyes' maybe try messaging them on the Nexus? The full follower name was 'Princess Abba Stone-fist' The mod page where it was located has a generic "couldn't be found" message https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77845
  14. Further testing: The issue is not Skyrim Unbound but, starting a new game without LAL. Trying to start a new game through the vanilla opening causes POP not to load and all actors to be standing outside the carriage. Starting with SU simply causes POP not to load. I originally thought the problem was because SU modifies the start game quest however, even without SU and LAL the start scene is still bugged with POP. Starting a new game in any way other than through LAL causes POP not to start. Edit: Issue started with version 3.53 Edit2: After a closer look at my papyr
  15. I'm experiencing this issue as well, I had no issues with 350 which is what I updated from. On a new game there are no onscreen messages, no MCM menu, nothing about POP in the papyrus log either. It's as if none of the scripts are being executed. Edit: The issue is a conflict with Skyrim Unbound? The MCM menu correctly loads when starting a new game using Alternate Start, but not when using Skyrim Unbound. This might just be my problem, I'll test it more tomorrow.
  16. Since the Removed unneeded AA definitions GitHub commit there have been numerous FNIS debug messages of "DEFINITION MISSING" Could this be due to the behavior files not being updated?
  17. When using the Carbon (Default) and Carbon - Full Width forum themes, the downloads section has a large area of blank space and the file icon for a download's page is partially cut off. This has only shown up within the past week and happens on both Firefox 61.0.1 (64-bit) and Google Chrome Version 68.0.3440.75 (Official Build) (64-bit) Carbon (Default) Carbon - Full Width IPB Light
  18. Does anyone else have an issue where enabling Body Resize in Deviously Cursed Loot causes a CTD when SLIF attempts to register Deviously Cursed Loot in version 1.20a beta? There's nothing in my papyrus or slif logs that give any indication of error. Are body morphs that intensive to cause crashes or is it a bug with SLIF? Edit: This happens to me even without SLIF. Disregard this, I guess.
  19. What was changed between this most recent release and the previous?
  20. The AmputatorMainScript source is included in the scripts\source but there is no compiled version of it. Is the AmputatorMainScript patch no longer necessary? Furniture record zbfFuroTubDUPLICATE002 (08026D3A) is unused and should be removed. All the location records, except DragonBridgeLocation and DawnstarLocation, only remove records and don't change any - shouldn't they be removed? zTrap.esp has the following xEdit errors:
  21. Basically, there are many Identical To Master files in zTrap.esp. Is the plugin safe to clean in TES5Edit or is there a reason they are there? Considering the many ITM records and errors found with TES5Edit it sounds like the plugin needs to be cleaned of no longer used records from previous versions.
  22. Every time a SexLab animation plays/ends my papyrus log is spammed with this error. There's no problems in game and the script looks correct but it's concerning nonetheless. Error: Cannot access an element of a None array stack: [HDTSextoys (D2003875)].HDTSextoys.HDTSextoyEquip() - "HDTSextoys.psc" Line 54 Error: Cannot access an element of a None array stack: [HDTSextoys (D2003875)].HDTSextoys.HDTSextoyUnEquip() - "HDTSextoys.psc" Line 101
  23. Going back to this old issue, I encounter it too and it happens with any spider that descends from the ceiling. Judging by when the spider dies, I'm guessing the spider takes massive fall damage when it touches the floor. I've been thinking it's due to the ESP changing the height size, although I have no understanding of what's changed in the skeleton and mesh files.
  24. I went ahead and added SexLabNoStrip keyword checking to the script that looks for valid removable armor, it's untested at this time. SexLab Horrible Harassment 2.3 BakaFactory SexLabNoStrip.7z
  25. The script to strip armor does not take into account the SexLabNoStrip keyword, meaning equipped items that should not otherwise be removed will be (Devious Devices for example.)
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