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  1. There's ways to apply animations so that they apply to only a single actor. However, I'm don't know how it works so I'll refrain from pushing this further.
  2. A version of this with the 2B idle animation would be neat, I don't recall where the animation is located though. She's gorgeous nonetheless.
  3. I'd very much enjoy DCL adding an API that allows outside mods to register items for cursed loot events. The optional mods MCM section would no longer need to be maintained, instead mod authors could choose for their DD items to be distributed through cursed loot events. A system like that would also make it easy for mod authors to create their own custom cursed loot scenarios. I would immediately incorporate Angeli's Devious Devices to use something like that.
  4. I noticed some of the HiRes and LowRes textures aren't built with mipmaps. This is insane. You're insane. End the insanity. #AllTexturesDeserveMipMaps
  5. Does this mean that the conditions counter needs to be met through OR conditions and nothing else? Am I understanding this correctly? I was under the impression that the conditions counter counted towards any condition being met.
  6. Never took you as the sort of person to want to die on this hill. I'm genuinely curious what caused olebronkosrak into "hiding" as you say. From a users perspective all I've seen is him bummed that one of his mods received outside publicity, then he hid them all. How was he harassed for him to make this decision? I haven't seen any public negativity directed at mods or mod authors since the 'adult mods' series began. Instead, I've seen it directed at MxR with flimsy reasoning such as points 1-3.
  7. On one hand I understand the 'one body' mindset. All the body choices in LE mean that users must choose one body type or deal with texture seams and a lack of BodySlide, even if their is a BodySlide it could be for another body type and thus incompatible. Because of all these body choices and textures specifically made for that type, outfit choices are limited to what's been specifically converted for use with an already chosen body. Many great outfits are ignored because they're made with a niche body type that doesn't get converted to a widely used one. On the other hand, if perm
  8. The nexus mod ID in the FOMOD points to the now removed MaximumCBBE, is this intentional and what was the reasoning to do so or connection with MaximumCBBE? Secondly, why are there restrictions set by the CBBE team on what sort of modifications can be done with with CBBE bodies such as this one, SE in particular. MaximumCBBE was removed due to similar reasons (the author did not have express permission to use CBBE assets.) (I'm looking for an informative answer and not "because it's their property to do so.")
  9. Load Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp along with your other plugin in xEdit to see any changes from USLEEP that need to be forwarded. There's a couple under Faction as well, but you would know better than me if they should be forwarded into yours.
  10. MerchantCaravanAChest [0007434B] sells 750 of each pheromone. MerchantCaravanAChest [0007434B], MerchantCaravanBChest [0007434D], and MerchantCaravanCChest [0007434E] don't have the USLEEP removal of PerkInvestorWhiterunGeneralList [LVLI:000AC965] forwarded. We'll get these edits right eventually. ?
  11. Error: Property ArousedScanner on script SLAdventures_PlayerSpellScanner attached to alias Player on quest SLAdventures_MCM (AD0012C4) cannot be bound because alias Player on quest SLAdventures_MCM (AD0012C4) is not the right type Error: Cannot call AddArousalOnSpellCast() on a None object, aborting function call stack: [alias Player on quest SLAdventures_MCM (AD0012C4)].SLAdventures_PlayerSpellScanner.OnSpellCast() - "SLAdventures_PlayerSpellScanner.psc" Line 11 ArousedScanner is bound to SLAdventures_MCM [QUST:040012C4] in the esp, but in the script (SLAdventures_PlayerSpellScanner) the
  12. One of the images on the Horny Creatures of Skyrim page shows a dragon with balls. Besides the point, correct your errors immediately! I demand only anatomically correct beast mods.
  13. If were getting into animal anatomy, shouldn't a dragon have a cloaca and no other hole as well as no testicles on the outside. They are reptiles after all, aren't they?
  14. Is an update patch for EggFactory 3.2 in the works? What am I not paying you for. ??
  15. Is there an option so that ignored users' files no longer show up in the downloads section or a separate option to block files/files from specific users? Is there an option to customize the side content bar new topics/files/blog entries? Such as selecting which show up and what order they show up in, I'm most interested in new files and rarely browse new topics while never touching blog entries.
  16. If that's your stance, I can respect it. Though based off your google image, it's still used incorrectly ("Each period should have a single space on either side.")
  17. The Dollmaker hints at more work being available from her after finishing the Chloe quest, however there's no follow up quest or new dialogue from her. After looking at my Papyrus log I noticed that an error is printed when the quest is finished: After looking at the script and plugin in xEdit, the quest "Saving Sasha" is meant to start. The quest looks unfinished, is this a future quest in the works or has something gone terribly wrong with my save?
  18. To clarify, I wasn't talking about changing the dialogue or wording. I meant replacing most of the ellipses with other punctuation where it most best sense to, and to remove the spaces between any current ones (three dots instead of a space between each dot.) This would change the overall flow of dialogue to focus less on the use of abrupt pauses (which to me comes off as amateur writing or a poor understanding of English.) I feel this would better get the message across to the player. Typo and grammar fixes would be a secondary outcome of proof-reading all the dia
  19. The overuse of ellipses (". . .") as well as some minor grammar/missing punctuation/typos. There are also Identical to Master edits that should be removed, USLEEP fixes that should be forwarded, modified vanilla records in Cell and Worldspace that look unnecessary, and a couple vanilla records that don't need to be modified (the Race changes is one of them.) There's also a good number of Armor and ArmorAddon entries that are referenced by nothing and don't have all their fields filled in. They look like old entries that were never removed from the esp?
  20. The way the dialogue in this mod is formatted bothers me, so I'm working on converting it into (hopefully) proper English. It will be cleaned using TES5Edit, as well. Since there is a lot of dialogue in this mod, it will take a couple days to finish, depending on how motivated I am.
  21. The text showing version 6.4 is nothing, it simply means that the text wasn't changed to say 7.0. DCL is 7.0, you can see that by the "Active Quest Running: False," which is a new feature in 7.0 Noticing this with Bound Girls as well. ?
  22. When will native SLIF support be added, so that waiting on a 3rd party patch adding it isn't required every time there's an update?
  23. @DeepBlueFrog Why don't you include detailed change logs or commits, as you make changes to your mods, on the GitHub repository?
  24. Bug reports in the last 2 versions: 0007434B MerchantCaravanAChest has had all it's entries removed (vanilla and SexLab Pheromones) except for the BYOHLItemKhajiitCaravans [LVLI:03000915] from HearthFires.esm The 'All sliders chance' MCM entry for creature attacks is visual only, changing an individual slider or reloading the menu will revert the slider(s) back to their previous value.
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