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  1. You should include a BodySlide preset for this, that way outfits can be built to match.
  2. What is the mod "Different strokes for different folks?" Yes, it's been removed but what did the mod do? Edit: Perhaps also include a BodySlide preset, so that outfits can be built to her match her body. Edit: Edit: Please also include an export of the head sculpt for RaceMenu, the neck does not line up with the body and there's a neck seam. ☹️
  3. This happens when loading a save where the mod has already been activated. It looks like BeastNames is initialized when you first activate the MCM, but the values are never saved for future game loads.
  4. Having an issue trying to masturbate via hotkey, it always returns with the message "You can't masturbate right now." Papyrus shows this error when pressing the hotkey: Looks to be due to 'SLAdventures_GangRapeController Property RapeController Auto' in SLAdventures_MasturbationScript.psc not being in the ESP.
  5. Source scripts are missing from the download for many new/updated scripts. There's too many to list or go through.
  6. To add onto this - how about the mask is simply a devious mask? Since the mask already covers the entire face it could be worn as is, as well as giving the blindfold and ball gag effect like other devious masks. If a quest line is also designed around the mask, it could involve devious devices that strengthen the enchantment effects of the mask when worn together.
  7. Are there plans to release preset values for all the different buffs/debuffs? Having all these options is great, but I'd like to use presets others have come up with instead of filling in my own.
  8. Papyrus errors. Papyrus errors as far as the eye can see.
  9. Packing the file as 7zip instead of rar would also also cut the size in half (1.04mb instead of 2mb.) Considering the added NPCs don't serve any purpose outside of Laura's quest, disabling them then only enabling when a quest calls for them would make the most sense. Expanding on the NPCs with their own dialogue or quests in future updates would also give them more meaning.
  10. The System Page, ZAP Poses Page, UI Wheel Page, Factions Page, and Skills Page sections are listed twice in your second post.
  11. Dear @Kimy, I found a rarely occurring script mistake in adding restraints to containers. [01/18/2019 - 06:00:24PM] ERROR: Cannot add None to a container stack: [ (00067DCC)].ObjectReference.AddItem() - "<native>" Line ? [dcur_mainlib (3A024495)].dcur_library.RestraintsToLoot() - "dcur_library.psc" Line 6409 [ (3A002850)].dcur_onactivatecontainer.Fragment_6() - "dcur_onactivatecontainer.psc" Line 93 The lines 6405 and 6408 need to be changed from this i = Utility.RandomInt(0, dcumenu.dcur_DDFrameworkItemList.GetSize()) i = Utility.RandomInt(0, dcumenu.dcur_DDSimpleIt
  12. I'm wondering if anyone has older versions (prior to 7.2) of Deviously Cursed Loot or if there's a thread with older versions available. I often find myself deleting old versions out of habit and then wanting to see the specifics of what was changed in an update. Being able to look through older versions of mods I use to troubleshoot if an issue is new, old, or intentional is very helpful. Even just viewing where fixes and additions to a mod were made is useful knowledge to learn from. Regardless, I'll be sure to begin saving current versions of DCL as new upd
  13. SLIF doesn't need to be upgraded for DCL 7.3, nothing changed in the script from 7.2.
  14. That's been there for awhile (since I first downloaded SBC, several versions now.) It's not referenced by anything, so it's likely doing nothing anyway. However, a record doesn't have to be 'referenced by' something to have use. It depends on the type of record and scripts outside of the plugin could call on it too.
  15. @Sursed Considering the influx of people looking to download Lintra, it would be a good idea to change the download page to point out that it's incompatible with SSE and provide a link as well to the converted SSE versions.
  16. You should remove the .tga files from future uploads, they're an unused file created when building FaceGenData. LOVE the mod. ❤️
  17. I too will delete my unnecessary attachments, saving us 91.81kb of space. You're welcome.
  18. Came here to report an error related to what this patch fixes. PlayerSexTracker is always None in SLAdventures_RapeScript, which throws out papyrus errors when the script calls it. Further investigation shows it's due to SLAdventures.esp not having the property PlayerSexTracker attached to SLAdventures_SexlabIntegration [QUST:0400A4B5] Adding the property to the quest in the Creation Kit should properly fix it.
  19. Besides EFF having a great HUD for managing followers, Death Alternative has a feature that forces followers to remain in bleedout until a fight is over (unless you heal them during battle.) There's an option to prevent you from dying if your follower is still fighting. There's options to choose what happens to your follower when you and your follower are defeated, such as dismissing or killing them, and you can choose the level of importance a follower has to be below to qualify for death (protected, essential, ect.) Lag/FPS drops from quickly moving many items between a c
  20. Honey has a glaring neck seam. Why did you do this to Honey? Were you apart of the women who locked her up on that island?? She didn't do nothing to no one. ?
  21. Nothing was wrong, I was simply idling with nothing going on. It spammed the papyrus log anyway. ?
  22. What I don't like is that the Chloe quest disables fast travel once it's started, and the quest starts automatically once you reach a certain point inside Helgen Keep. Since there's good starter gear that DCL adds in the cages inside Helgen Keep, deciding to get that loot also forces you to do the Chloe quest as fast travel is disabled the moment the quest starts. Another thing is that if you dismiss Chloe during certain points in the quest she'll walk all the way back to Dawnstar. Since fast travel is disabled this can soft lock your game, causing you to be unable to rec
  23. How does this differ from the Chaurus Eggs trigger in SexLab Parasites? Curious, since they both attach a script to the same Fauna entries.
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